Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 9/19/2013

M, a 40 something year old homeless man, suffers from a degenerative bone disorder (fragile bone syndrome) currently living in a tent in the woods off Trolley Rd in Summerville.  Recently suffered a broken leg and has been out of work – had to leave “friend’s” house since unable to contribute to rent.  He is now out of the cast and is scheduled for surgery next week at MUSC to add rod to leg to help strengthen it from further fractures.  Right leg has been fractured ~ 15 times over course of his life. He had had other fractures as well.  He hangs out at Dorchester library all day and eats around that area – we got him a gift card to Bi Lo to get food / drink or necessities etc.  He hopes once recovered from surgery he will be able to get back to work – he is a mechanic and has a job opportunity at a local junk/ scrap car yard - he hopes to get in there near future.

Amount: $100

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