Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 10/7/2013

J, a single mom with 6 six kids who is a cancer survivor, was in jeopardy of being evicted. Due to her illness she fell behind in her bills when Medicaid limited the funding of her health care.  We were contacted by a counselor from Fort Dorchester elementary school that the family has one child who just started college, mother herself was finishing up some additional classes to help in advancing herself, and the other kids in Ft Dorchester were well behaved and appears that they are doing well in school.  She indicated it was a good family who fell on hard times due to illness.  She needed $855 to prevent from being evicted - we indicated we could not do it all, maybe $500 to $600.  The counselor was going to reach out to another church and/or take up a collection at school.  As it turned out the other church was coming up with the $355 and Change for a Dollar would do the $500.  The school was very appreciative as they felt family was definitely deserving.  ARC made a payment to the property management company in the amount of $500 in her name.

Amount: $500

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