Friday, November 29, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 10/27/2013

D, an ARC owner, has taken in a homeless family of four.  The husband lost his job and their car was impounded for driving with no insurance.  The wife continues to work but is seven months pregnant and they do not make enough to survive on their own.  They were evicted from their apartment in D’s neighborhood.  There are two very young children (girls) in the family.  One is preschool and one elementary school.  The additional four mouths to feed has put a big strain on D’s budget and the children only have summer clothes.   We helped D with some Target gift cards ($30) to purchase warm shoes/sneakers for the school aged child as all she has is sandals.  Also some cash ($170) and food cards to Bi Lo ($50) to help with the food bills.  Additionally, working with D we have been getting the family into the “system” for food stamps, Medicaid, etc.  The family unit struggles to live effectively but given the children involved we are doing what we can to keep them in a safe and wholesome environment.

Total Amount: $250

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