Saturday, November 30, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 11/22/2013

E, a Knightsville single mom with two kids works as a server in a restaurant.  She lives in subsidized housing and recently was recertified as a result of getting a job.  As a result of being employed she now had to contribute to the rent and pay utilities per the recertification.   While she had been able to pay the bills with her income so far, she had a few slow weeks as a result of the fair being in town and has fallen behind a bit.  She has been ensured by her employer that with the holidays approaching the business as well as her income should pick up.  Change for a Dollar helped pay her past due rent with $150 and she still had a small balance due plus late fees but the rental company said they would waive the fees if the balance due of $10 was paid.  Erica committed to pay the remaining balance.

Amount $150

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