Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 9/27/2013

D, a local 23 year old female Iraqi war vet who has been out of the military and essentially homeless for the past six months.  She was being assisted by another Gulf War disabled vet who helps vets in need.  An owner of ARC who works for Job Corp has been working with her to get her job training and education.  He has managed to get her placed in a training program for Certified Nursing Assistant at a NC school.  Her VA benefits have not yet kicked in and she had no money to provide for herself.  She was scheduled to be enrolled on a Tuesday morning but as of the Thursday prior she no longer had a place to stay, had nowhere to go nor any funds to provide for herself.  Change for a Dollar was able to put her up in a local motel for four nights and provided her with a gift certificate to Cracker Barrel to be able to get meals until her bus ride to school on Tuesday morning.

Amounts: $258 + $100


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