Monday, December 16, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 12/16/2013

Change for a Dollar received a request for some assistance directly from a family of seven.  The father works seasonal work and the mother was currently out of work waiting to be called back as soon as business picks up at the construction company where she works.  They initially had a need for assistance with rent but got some family to help with that but were still in danger of having their electric shut off.  Change for a Dollar was able to step in and prevent the electric from being cut off by paying the current bill.

Amount $158

Change for a Dollar – 12/15/2013

Change for a Dollar received a request from ARHS for a family that is a single Mom and high school age son.  The family recently had to move as a result of a divorce and was in need of some essential items for the home.  The mother works part time for the school district and was doing her best to provide for her son and pay the bills.  Their current needs for the home was for some basic bedding items.  Change for a Dollar provided those items for her.  Additionally, the young man is in the ROTC program at school and his mom did not have the monies to pay the necessary annual fees for the program.  Change for a Dollar stepped in and paid his fees for the year as well as purchased some items for his uniform.

Amount $65 + $88

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 12/9/2013

Change for a Dollar received a request from an ARC owner and her daughter "M" to help a woman suffering from breast cancer.  "M" works with this woman who is a single mom and also has another son who is very ill and requires surgery in the near future.  She works part time and gets very little financial support for her son.  She also has no health insurance but thankfully is in a program at MUSC that is providing treatment for the cancer.  She also must pay for prescriptions out of pocket that are about $400 per month.  The woman remains very upbeat in spite of her circumstances and the Change for a Dollar team is working to help her and her son in other ways.  When asked what her biggest need was at the moment she asked for help with groceries as she indicated she is not eligible for an EBT card.  Change for a dollar gave her $100 in Bi Lo gift cards and is exploring the possibility of helping with the prescriptions. She was very appreciative of the gifts.

Amount $100 +

Change for a Dollar – 12/9/2013

Change for a Dollar received a request from "C"  a gentlemen who is an ARC owner to help a single Mom within the community.  He frequents a local restaurant in Knightsville and often sees the same server whom he has talked with on several occasions.  It turns out she works several part time jobs and has two children, one in elementary and one in middle school.  He says she has always been pleasant and upbeat and she never complained about her situation and wasn’t asking for help.  However, he discovered in his conversations with her that she recently had to sell a college text book to help pay some bills.  He approached us and asked if we could help out this young mother at this time of year.  Change for a Dollar helped pay her electric bill.  A payment was made to her account on Monday.  She was very appreciative of the gift.

Amount $100

Change for a Dollar – 12/9/2013

Change for a Dollar received a request from Ashley Ridge High School regarding one of their part time workers.  A gentleman who works in the high school recently had to take in two of his grandchildren and provide them with care.  On an already tight budget this very sweet family had their resources stretched beyond their means.  Ashley Ridge Church is working with the family trying to get them connected resources within the community.  In the meantime Change for a Dollar helped pay some of the bills, specifically their electric bill.  A payment was made to his account on Monday.

Amount $100

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Change for a Dollar – 12/1/2013

An ARC owner, S works with a man who is part of the East Cooper Baptist Church.  This fellow's men’s group from the church is sponsoring a family for Christmas and are giving the family toys and gifts for the children.  S suggested we join efforts with the East Cooper Baptist Church and help the mother of this family with some gift cards to Bi Lo so there will be ample food for Christmas day as well as the gifts for the children.  Change for a Dollar gave S Bi Lo cards to be added to the gift package.

Amount $100