Thursday, July 20, 2017

Former homeless man needs bicycle – July 20, 2017

A former homeless man was now living on his own in a place with his wife.  He has been working diligently at a landscaping job but rides a bicycle to work.  Recently his bicycle broke and his wife needed some major surgery.  He lacked any funds for a new bike and lately he has been walking to work every day which was about five miles each way.  Change for a Dollar got him a new bicycle for use to get to work.

Bicycle – $85.79

Poor and Homeless in need of medications – July 18, 2017

Several poor uninsured Summerville residents and residents of the local homeless shelter were suffering from a variety of medical conditions.  They were able to be seen by doctors at hospitals and free medical clinics under charity programs.  In many cases they were given prescriptions and or needed over the counter medications but the majority of them did not have sufficient income to afford the medications.  Change for a Dollar has a relationship with a local pharmacy where they offer a discount on medications and Change for a Dollar pays for those medications.

Prescriptions for poor and homeless - $100

Homeless man needs tent – July 18, 2017

A 42 year old homeless man has been homeless for some time.  He was recently staying at a facility for but due to a variety of circumstances he was no longer able to stay there.  He was given enough notice of the need to move out and word got to Change for a Dollar as to his change in status.  Change for a Dollar asked if there were any needs that he may have in moving on.  Most of his needs were met, lantern, luggage, toiletries, bedding, etc. but he was in need of a tent.  Change for a Dollar got him a good three man tent, large enough for him to sleep in and store his belongings.

Three man tent – $45.99

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Man living in camper needs cooking fuel – July 15, 2017

A man who lives in a camper somewhere in Moncks Corner frequently visits the Summerville area by bicycle.  In his travels he would often stop by the Expanding the Table Food Truck and the ARC office seeking assistance.  He regularly eats at the ETT serving but would stop by the office seeking other types of help, everything form bottles of water to food pantry items.  Recently he was looking for cooking fuel for his camp stove.  The staff of ARC contacted C4$ about his requests.  Change for a Dollar was able to help him with a bit of cooking fuel, quantities that he could transport on his bicycle back to his camper in Moncks Corners.

Cooking Fuel – $8.03

Woman with kidney failure needs washer – July 14, 2017

A woman with kidney failure who is on dialysis is awaiting a kidney transplant.  A regular guest of Katie’s Krops she is well known as a sweet woman who turned her life around from homelessness to having her own place.  Unfortunately, her health recently deteriorated to the point where she now needing a kidney transplant.  She has limited ability to get out and about but would still try to make the monthly dinners at Katie’s Krops.  It became evident that her clothes washer had broken and it was not easy for her to get to the laundromat.  Change for a Dollar became aware of the situation and approached Katie’s Krops to offer assistance.  Change for a Dollar was able to assist with getting a good used washing machine for the woman which was delivered by a group of friends of Katie’s Krops.

Washing Machine – $275.00

Single mom with blind son displaced – July 12, 2017

A single mom with a blind teenage son was displaced from her apartment.  She had relocated to a new apartment that had considerably higher rent.  She was on the landlord’s electric for a short time but now needed to put the electric in her own name.  She had a significant past due amount from her old SCE&G old account that needed to be paid prior to establishing a new account.  Unfortunately, the cost of establishing her SCE&G account far exceeded the means of Change for a Dollar at present time.  She was awaiting a disability check and would circle back in week or two and maybe we could help her more at that time.  In the mean time she needed gas for her vehicle to tend to matters so C4$ gave her a gas card to assist with that present need.

Gas card – $50