Sunday, August 11, 2019

Kids in need of uniforms and school supplies – August 3, 2019

A couple of local kids who have been guests of Expanding the Table and have attended ARC youth program are from families that struggle greatly financially.  With the school year beginning many budgets are stretched thin.  An ARC volunteer approached C4$ for possible assistance to help with school supplies and also the much needed uniforms for the kids.  The volunteer did some shopping at the local Walmart for the kids and C4$ was able to reimburse her the cost of supplies and clothing.

School Supplies and clothing - $183.84

ETT guest needed telephone – July 28, 2019

A regular Expanding the Table guest who is disabled broke her phone.  She had it for many years and it was a basic flip phone but it had seen better days.  Cell phones are practically a necessity these days especially in the poor and homeless communities as it is a life line to their world.  This guest asked a volunteer with ETT if there was a way to get a new phone.  She was not looking for a Smartphone, but just a regular replacement for her old phone.  Change for a Dollar checked with Walmart and they had a pay as you go phone that was very similar to her old phone.  C4$ picked up the phone and two monthly payment cards for unlimited talk and text.

Phone and two phone cards - $76.94

An elderly homeless woman needed a room– July 10, 2019

An elderly Summerville woman who is homeless was dropped off at the local woman’s shelter by the police.  They were concerned as she was hungry and in need of a shower and had no family or friends.  The shelter was full but even so she was not appropriate as she was on social security and was not interested in working full time, one of the shelter’s requirements.  The police didn’t know what to do with her and the staff at the shelter had tried to get her placed elsewhere but it was getting late in the day and nothing was working out.  Change for a Dollar was approached to see if we could assist in some manner.  C4$ was able to put her up in a local hotel for two nights to allow her time to make some calls and make more permanent arrangements.

Two night’s hotel - $150