Monday, February 17, 2014

Change for a Dollar – 2/10/14

A homeless couple who had been previously living in the woods in Summerville have been making progress on getting back on their feet.  The husband had been working part time with his brother but recently has not had the hours he needs to stay current with their rent.  The wife works for a local fast food restaurant and between the two have been able to afford a room at a boarding house.  Due to the lack of work for the husband they were coming up short for their full rent.  Change for a Dollar help out this couple with a partial payment on their rent.  They were confident that in the weeks to come they would get back on track.

Amount $ 100.00

Change for a Dollar – 2/3/14

A 53 year old woman, who lives in an apartment with her daughter and 15 yr. old grandson sought medical attention at the Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville.  The woman was just release this week from the hospital following admission for acute kidney failure and is scheduled for dialysis.  The woman has been unable to work since last October due to her serious health conditions and has applied for disability.  She has been able to make payments on the rent and utilities with the help from her daughter but has been falling behind in her electric bill.  She has continued to communicate with the electric company and has made token payments to keep from getting threatened with disconnect but is worried she may get too far behind.  Change for a Dollar made a partial payment to her SCE&G account to help lighten her financial burden.

Amount $ 75.00