Thursday, August 16, 2018

Single Mom needed assistance with school uniforms– August 10, 2018

A local Summerville woman who is a single mom has a couple of children but is steadily employed cleaning houses.  Her one teenage son was in a school that required a specific dress code (school uniform) that was really stretching her budget.  She was often a guest at Expanding the Table and one evening was sharing her struggles with one of the volunteers.  The volunteer approached Change for a Dollar to see if we could assist.  There was also a need for some specific school supplies.  Change for a Dollar assisted with purchasing some pants and shirts plus some school supplies from Walmart for her son.

School supplies and uniforms – $150.00

Woman who helps others in trouble herself – August 9, 2018

A local Summerville woman who works at an apartment complex has been helpful to the residents by helping them out with deferred rent payments and small amounts of financial assistance out of her own pocket at times.  She has also made referrals to Change for a Dollar in the past. She would contact Change for a Dollar for help with larger expenses like helping with electric bills as she couldn’t afford to help that much.  Change for a Dollar had not heard from her in over a year until recently she contacted us.  She now herself was struggling as she has two young adult children that got into financial trouble and she helped them to the point of overextending herself. She had a past due electric bill and was in danger of disconnect but was able to come up with the funds to pay the disconnect amount.  She still had a significant outstanding balance on her account.  Change for a Dollar assisted her by making a payment toward the outstanding balance that she greatly appreciated.

SCE&G payment – $200.00

Homeless man needed new birth certificate – August 2, 2018

A homeless man who was working on getting back on his feet was having difficulty in getting a decent job due to lack of proper identification.  He did not have a SS card nor birth certificate.  To get the replacement social security card he needed to produce a valid birth certificate.  The cost for a new certificate was $25 but he only had a few dollars pocket money from odd jobs, etc.  Change for a Dollar was approached and asked if we could help.   A money order made out to the county in which he was born was given to folks helping him get the new certificate.  It should arrive in a couple of weeks and allow him to get his SS card and thus get a real job.

Replacement Birth Certificate fee – $25.00