Thursday, June 23, 2016

Grandmother with custody of granddaughter needed rent assistance – June 21, 2016

An Expanding the Table volunteer, while serving dinner one night, met an elderly woman who lives in a trailer park in Summerville who has custody of her middle school age granddaughter.  She indicated to him that she is employed but struggles to make ends meet.  She recently lost some time at work and has been struggling to make all her payments.  She was making partial payments on her lot rent and promised the property manager that she would make up payments when she got her tax refund.  According to the property manager she did so as promised.  Change for a Dollar also checked with her and confirmed she is up to date on utility bills etc. but was still a little short on the arrears on the lot rent for her trailer.  Change for a Dollar assisted her with paying the remaining arrears on the lot rent bringing her current.

Lot Rent Arrears - $200

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Homeless man new to town needed phone minutes – June 11, 2016

A homeless man who returned to Summerville from Florida was awaiting a bed at the local homeless shelter and was living on the street.  He has a small disability income but had run out of phone minutes and money.  His phone was his lifeline as he communicated with the shelter and a local friend who has promised him a room in the near future.  While he was waiting to get into the shelter Change for a Dollar has assisted with getting him some minutes on his phone so he can communicate with others.

Boost Mobile minutes - $54.13

Homeless man reconciles with wife – needs new tires to get home – June 6, 2016

A Summerville man has been homeless and living in the local homeless shelter following his eviction from his apartment.  He is awaiting approval on his disability and was evicted from his apartment because he was unable to work and had no income.  He was living in the apartment with his adult son following his divorce from two years ago but there wasn’t enough family income to continue to stay.  He has maintained communication with his ex-wife as his son was with him and his adult daughter was living with his ex-wife and was expecting a child, so they had a lot to talk about.  During the course of the weeks he was in the shelter, and their mutual excitement about the coming grandchild, they came to terms and sought to reconcile.  He was invited by his ex-wife to come to Florida and live with them, as they worked to rebuild the family.  Unfortunately, the vehicle he had was in desperate need of two new tires.  Change for a Dollar assisted with the tires and he returned home to Florida and his family.

Two new tires- $287.94

Family of 11 with no Air Conditioning – June 5, 2016

A large family in Summerville lives in a local trailer park.  The family consists of five adults and six children sharing a single wide trailer.  The main house air conditioner broke a while back and the family on an off used window units to cool the house.  Currently, the house only has one working window unit and the home is always very hot, even with open windows and fans.  Expanding the Table delivered a few meals one evening and became aware of the situation.  The ETT volunteered approached Change for a Dollar for assistance.  Two window units were purchased for the family and delivered to the home.

Window AC Units - $279.93