Sunday, December 17, 2017

Homeless man needed help with rent deposit – December 14, 2017

A local Summerville homeless man was taking a step towards independence.  He had recently gotten involved with a local church and was working hard at turning his life around.  Through his connections with the church he was able to pick up some odd jobs in the community.  He was hopeful of getting into a boarding house in Summerville after the first of the year but in the meantime he was renting a room in Ladson.  He needed some assistance with the deposit for the room.  Change for a Dollar was asked to assist this fellow with his rent deposit.  Change for a Dollar met with the landlord and paid for the deposit.

Rent deposit - $100

Monday, December 11, 2017

Church Angel Tree supplemental gifts – December 12, 2017

For the past couple of years Ashley Ridge Church has provided an Angel Tree for gifts for children that frequent the Expanding the Table food truck.  This year there was a large number of kids and a very large response from the church.  The distribution is scheduled for the coming weekend and an inventory of all the Angels and names of kids (new kids always arise at the last minute) indicated there was a shortage of gifts with no time to re-solicit folks to purchase.  The ETT ministry wants to insure no kid would be missed so they asked Change for a Dollar if it could assist with some funds for additional Christmas gifts for the additional children.  Chang for a Dollar paid for some additional gifts and several volunteers offered to  wrap them for the upcoming distribution.

Angel Tree Children Christmas gifts - $210

Homeless man needs prescriptions filled – December 8, 2017

An uninsured homeless man was recently hospitalized for pneumonia.  While in the hospital he was also diagnosed with COPD and spent a week in the hospital recuperating.  Being uninsured, he was given prescriptions upon discharge that he could not afford to get filled.  It was critical that he have his four medications to prevent a relapse or further complications.   Change for a Dollar was asked to assist this fellow with his prescriptions.  Change for a Dollar has a relationship with a local pharmacy where they offer a discount on medications and Change for a Dollar paid for those prescriptions.

Prescriptions for patients- $140