Sunday, December 28, 2014

Homeless grandmother - no place for Christmas - 12/23/14

ARC Change for a Dollar had previously assisted a homeless, disabled grandmother with two middle school age granddaughters.  There was hope that this family would soon find housing for which they have been approved.  The grandmother had been in contact with several agencies that have been assisting her in finding a vacancy but given the time of year there was no housing available in the Summerville Community at this time.  They did look at some temporary housing in a Charleston shelter but the facility left one of the granddaughters in tears.  The facility, while old and dated was clean and welcoming, but appeared more like a prison than a shelter.  The grandmother being sensitive to the girl’s feelings, was able with the help of some friends, to come up with some funds for an extra day or two in a motel in hopes that some permanent housing would soon open up.  As Christmas approached Ashley Ridge Church checked in on them to see what kind of Christmas they would have.  The grandmother had a meal donated to them but stated they would be out on the street by Christmas Eve.  Change for a Dollar extended their stay in the motel until the weekend following Christmas as other options continue to be explored.

Amount: 3 nights hotel stay - $189.01

Monday, December 22, 2014

Single woman new to Summerville without a job - 12/22/14

A single woman recently relocated from Chicago to Summerville SC for a better way of life and in hopes of finding work which she was unable to find in Chicago.  She has a friend who lives in Summerville who has very limited means but has offered for her to stay with her until she can find a job.  Both women attended the Community Christmas Dinner sponsored by Ashley Ridge Church and Antioch Community Ministries the other night.  As part of socializing with the women we found out she was actively seeking a job but had run out of money and was in need of some help.  Antioch Community Ministries gave her some clothing and some food from their pantry and ARC Change for a Dollar helped her out with a gas card so she could continue to go on interviews for a job.

Gas card - Amount: $50.00

Clinic patient in need of ride home - 12/18/14

A single Mom with two kids is a new patient at the Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville.  She just recently was able to get out of a physically abusive relationship and was now living with her parents in Berkeley County.  She was able to get a ride to the clinic with a friend / acquaintance as her parents did not have the means to provide transportation.  The “friend” who drove her to the clinic became very angry with her when she became aware that there would be a bit of a wait before the woman could be seen by the doctor.  She told her that she could not wait any longer and was leaving with or without her.  This left the patient in tears and she really needed to see the doctor and was going to be stranded if she did so.  One of the volunteers at the clinic offered her some money for cab fare which covered about half of the cost.  ARC Change for a Dollar picked up the balance of the cab fare bill to get her and the kids home safely following the doctor visit.

Cab Fare - Amount: $34.00

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Single Dad with three children - 12/16/14

A single Dad whose wife abandoned him and their three children has been homeless as a result for the past several months.  He and the kids were taken in by a small local church and have been living there in a small prayer room converted into living space with four beds.  The three children attend a local Summerville elementary school and an aunt who is local gets the kids off to school each day.  The dad has a job as a sub with the post office and recently became approved for an apartment in subsidized housing.
ARC Change for a Dollar was paying a chance visit to a local hotel that was upgrading their rooms.  We inquired about what was happening with the old furniture in hopes of getting a piece or two for the family.  When asked why, we explained this situation and the General Manager for the hotel donated a full room full of furniture to this family; two double beds, a dresser, two night stands, a table and two chairs.  ARC volunteers donated a kitchen table with 4 chairs, bed frames, bedding and other items.  The furniture was delivered over the past few days to their new apartment.  Making their home more livable for the Christmas holiday.

Amount: $0.00

Disabled Mom supporting family - 12/15/14

An ARC Owner notified ARC Change for a Dollar that a coworker of hers is disabled and struggling to support two adult children, one a college student, the other an unemployed  mother of two.  While the woman has a part time job it has been become ever more difficult these past months to make ends meet.  The family was in danger of the electric service being disconnected.   ARC Change for a Dollar the necessary minimum to prevent the disconnect.

Amount: SCE&G payment $235.41

Widowed Grandfather with 2 small children- 12/13/14

An ARC Owner notified ARC Change for a Dollar of a 75 year old widowed man who has custody of his two great grandchildren, ages 6 & 7, who was having some difficulty.  His wife, who was a hoarder, died about a year ago and he was still struggling with some of mess from the hoarding.  A local elementary school had concerns for the children’s wellbeing and Dorchester County Sherriff’s Deputies were dispatched to investigate.  Dorchester DSS/CPS visited the family as well.  The grandfather has a serious heart condition and has difficulty with the daily chores in caring for two young children.  It is a loving family and both the Deputies and DSS felt the children were in no present danger but the living conditions needed some serious improvement.  Additionally, his water heater failed and the heat went out shortly thereafter.  Change for a Dollar arranged for an HVAC contractor to respond to fix the heat at no charge. A crew of volunteers from Ashley Ridge Church spent the day getting the house cleaned and decluttered.  Additionally, the volunteers supplied new beds, other household items for the children’s bedroom and did other household repairs.  Other issues are to be addressed in the near future to help this family stay intact and back on track to living effectively.

Amount: Cleaning supplies $82.66

Homeless grandmother with 2 children - 12/12/14

ARC Change for a Dollar was contacted by the principle of a local Summerville middle school regarding two of their students.  The two girls live with their grandparents who have custody of the girls.  Recently the grandfather decided to leave the family and it wasn’t long after that the grandmother, who is disabled, and the two girls became homeless.  Their small savings and the small disability payments that the grandmother receives soon ran out paying for hotel stays.  The school took up a collection to help pay for additional time in the hotel.  The family is eligible for subsidized housing but is on a waiting list for that plus on a waiting list for the One80 Place Summerville residence.  Change for a Dollar paid for a few additional nights as additional options are explored.  C4$ also gave the grandmother two local restaurant gift cards for the family to eat through the weekend.

Amount: 3 nights hotel stay and gift cards - $306.89