Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas for single mom with 2 kids– Dec 5, 2016

A single mom trying is to make a go of it after leaving an abusive relationship and was looking for a job.  She had no transportation and was walking everywhere but it limited her ability to get work.  Change for a Dollar bought her a bicycle to extend her ability to travel to and from a job. She subsequently got a job within a few days.  In the process it was discovered the family did not have a Christmas tree for Christmas.  The mom had a few presents for the kids but no decorations or tree. Change for a Dollar also purchased a pre-lighted 6 foot tree and few ornaments so the family could have a tree for Christmas morning.

Total cost, Walmart - $175.95

Homeless and poor in need of medications – Dec 2, 2016

Ashley Ridge Church has a relationship with a local pharmacy in Summerville where Change for a Dollar can acquire discounted prescriptions for folks in need.  The free clinics in town try to either provide medications or prescribe from the major chain stores discounted medication lists for the uninsured.  At times an individual will be discharged from the hospital or given a prescription from a clinic that is beyond their means to pay. Change for a Dollar refers them to our partnering pharmacy and Change for a Dollar covers the cost of their medications.

Total cost - $150.00

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Family in trouble financially – Dec 1, 2016

An ARC owner works with a woman who recently shared some family troubles.  It appears the husband was not staying on top of the bills and now the family is looking at some serious financial difficulties. Their electric bill was in arrears and they would soon be facing a disconnect if a payment was not made soon.  Change for a Dollar was able to help the family out by making a payment on the electric bill which will help them get their finances back on track.

SCE&G payment - $200

Homeless man needed car part – Nov 23, 2016

A homeless man living in the local homeless shelter uses a late model vehicle to go to work on odd jobs.  He is currently trying to clear up many outstanding bills from a recent divorce.  He is currently looking for full time employment but vehicle problems have made that difficult.  He has made a few dollars to keep up on the repair the vehicle but recently came up short.  Change for a Dollar assisted in purchasing some of the parts he needed.

Total cost - $88.90

Friday, November 11, 2016

“Homeless” single mom assisted with residence – Nov 5, 2016

A single mother recently relocated back to Summerville from Florida.  She was staying with family in Florida but needed to leave due to an unhealthy environment for her children.  Her hopes for Summerville didn’t materialize and she and the kids wound up in the One80 Place homeless shelter.  After a month in the shelter it became difficult for her to stay for a variety of reasons, mainly that the kids were having difficulty dealing with the conditions.  She knew a landlord in Summerville and was able to secure a trailer and got assistance with paying the rent for the first six months.  Unfortunately, her only income was $500 in food stamps and she has been selling plasma for additional cash.  Change for a Dollar assisted with getting her settled into the trailer as they had nothing but a couple of bean bag chairs and a small table.  Donations of beds and other furniture were arranged and Change for a Dollar paid for sheets, bedding, some clothing for the kids, and a couple of heaters for the trailer which had very poor heating.

Total payments - $185.18

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Couple displaced by hurricane, hotel stay – Oct 30, 2016

A couple was displaced from their home when a tree crashed through their trailer during Hurricane Matthew.  They have a claim that is in process with FEMA but that takes time.  The husband is disabled and receives regular disability checks but that is not due for another week.  They have run out of funds paying for stays at a local hotel.  A couple of churches in town have helped with a few nights but they were facing the need to check out.  The hotel manager has a relationship with ARC and gives Change for a Dollar a special rate.  The manager referred the case to Change for a Dollar.  We were able to help with an additional two night’s stay.

Two nights hotel stay – $125.34

Divorced single mom in need of assistance – Oct 23, 2016

A young single mother recently got divorced and wound up losing her job shortly thereafter.  An ARC owner became aware of her situation.  She had secured a new job but was struggling with some past due bills from when she was out of work.  The ARC owner asked if Change for a Dollar could assist.  Upon checking with her the most pressing need was that her electric was due to be disconnected.  Change for a Dollar assisted by paying the amount needed to prevent the disconnect.

SCE&G Payment - $131.00

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Young homeless couple has a baby – Oct 12, 2016

A young homeless couple was living in their car.  The woman was pregnant and expecting in October.  The hurricane was coming around the due date for the baby so the couple scraped up as much money as they could and rode out the storm in a hotel.  The woman went into labor the day after the storm and the baby was delivered.  The couple was looking for and getting some assistance from a very benevolent woman who was allowing the mother to temporarily move in with the baby. The baby’s father is waiting to enter the homeless shelter.   Change for a Dollar helped with several days stay in the hotel for the couple.

Three days EconoLodge - $168.54

Young mother fighting cancer – Oct 2, 2016

A young woman is battling cancer.  An ARC Owner reported she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for the cancer.  She continues to miss work on the days she has chemo and as a result she is struggling to pay the bills.  ARC Change for a Dollar has helped them out by paying current electric bill.

SCE&G Payment - $258.12

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Homeless man needed new car battery – Sept 21, 2016

A homeless man owns a late model vehicle that has some minor problems.   He recently got divorced and lost his job at the same time.  He has been working odd jobs and has applied for unemployment but still is not earning enough to get an apartment.  He recently had car problems with a bad battery and bad alternator.  He had some funds to pay for the new battery but it would have depleted most of his savings.  Change for a Dollar assisted him in paying for a portion of the cost of the battery so he can continue his job hunt and periodic work days.

Partial battery purchase price - $70

Elderly homeless woman has cancer – Sept 21, 2016

A 76 year old homeless woman is battling lung cancer.  She has been living in her van for some time but has managed to get by on her small income, at least until her illness has recently gotten worse.  She was in the hospital earlier this month but when discharged the hospital put her up in a local hotel for one week.  She is scheduled for ongoing chemotherapy and was concerned about enduring the treatments while living in her van.  When her hotel stay ran out she was found sitting on the curb at the hotel by a young woman who was staying at the hotel who knew of Change for a Dollar. She gave our contact info to the hotel clerk who called us.  Change for a Dollar met with the woman and talked to her about options in the community.  Nothing seemed to be of any help to her.  In the end Change for Dollar paid for an additional night at the hotel so she didn’t have to stay in her car during a very rainy evening.   Unfortunately, there was little more we could do than to pray for her.

One night hotel stay - $60

Friday, September 16, 2016

Homeless man needs transmission repair – Sept 14, 2016

A homeless man living at the local shelter has been living there for several months. He has worked diligently to address his issues and has been working, saving and has been able to purchase a used vehicle.  He has the opportunity to promote himself to a new job at the Vovlo plant construction but was in need of the vehicle to complete that process.  He recently purchased a nice vehicle for a good price but unfortunately shortly after he picked it up there appeared to be some transmission problems.  He had additional savings to pay for most of the repair bill but was a bit short.  Change for a Dollar assisted in helping him pay for the transmission repair.

Transmission repair -  $350

Monday, September 12, 2016

Disabled homeless man in crisis – Sept 5, 2016

A local homeless man was in the hospital.  The hospital discharged him to the street where he had no options.  He is disabled in that he has kidney failure and is on dialysis three days per week.  To complicate his situation he has a bad hip and struggles to walk with a walker.  To make matters worse he battles an addiction to crack that he was pleading for help with.  Unfortunately there was no shelter that could take him in due to his conditions.  A couple of ARC owners were trying to find a way to help.  Thankfully he agreed to attend an NA meeting and connected with the folks there.  He still was living on the street and was in great despair and begged for help.  An option for him to stay with his brother in Texas materialized.  The ARC owners got him to dialysis the next day in preparation of the trip and bought him the bus ticket.  He was also set up with a large duffle bag to replace his plastic trash bag “luggage”.  Additionally he “negotiated” himself a loan of a much needed wheelchair from the dialysis center for the trip to Texas.  The ARC owners felt compelled to replace the wheelchair at the dialysis center as well.  A day later he contacted the ARC Owners to say he made it.  He was very appreciative of all the help and was headed for an NA meeting followed by looking for a good church.  TFJ!

Bus ticket –$165, duffle bag $26.95, wheelchair $157.32 – total $349.28

Local man needed a rain coat – Aug 25, 2016

An ARC owner serves on the ETT food truck.  She was talking with one of the guests that frequents the truck and only has a bicycle for transportation.  He needs to ride his bike to get to occasional work and at times gets caught in bad weather.  He was in need of a rain coat slicker to stay dry on days that it rains.  Change for a Dollar helped out by paying for the coat and the ARC owner delivered it to him.

Dick Sporting Goods - $43.19

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Women getting divorce in need of assistance – Aug 19, 2016

An ARC owner has a routine appointment with a massage therapist in Summerville.  The young woman recently found herself in the middle of an unexpected marital separation/divorce.  She shared her story the ARC owner.  The woman has two children and she was left with several outstanding bills that she was unaware since her husband was not paying the bills.  The ARC owner inquired as to the most pressing need, there were many, and Change for Dollar assisted with a grocery food gift card to help ease the burden on the budget.

BiLo gift card - $150

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Several homeless and poor in need of medications – Aug 6, 2016

Several men from the Lowcountry Home of Hope, a men’s homeless shelter in Summerville, had emergency room stays and visits to the doctor. Out of the three only one had a job but it was small hours and minimum wage.  For all of them the cost of medications were too expensive to purchase.  Change for a Dollar worked out an arrangement for a small discount with Gurerin's pharmacy and had their prescriptions filled.  Additionally, there was a women in the MUSC program for battered women who was also having difficulty paying for her medication.  MUSC contacted Change for a Dollar to see if we could assist.  Change for a Dollar assisted by paying for two prescriptions for her as well.

Guerin's Pharmacy - $100.00

Family of four needs AC – Aug 1, 2016

A family who attends the Expanding the Table dinners was talking with one of the volunteers. The volunteer found out that the family did not have any air conditioning in their home in this current oppressive heat wave.  A visit to the home verified it was hotter inside the house than it was outside.  Change for a Dollar purchased a window unit air conditioner for the family of four to provide some much needed cooling for their home.

Air-conditioner - $193.32

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kids need school uniforms / family needs AC – July 28, 2016

A family from Lincolnville attends Expanding the Table dinners. Two of the young children actively participate in the evening’s activities.  As the volunteers got to know the kids it became evident that the family didn’t have the money to purchase school uniforms for the young boy and girl.  They live within the N Charleston School district and must wear a school uniform consisting of tan khakis and blue shirts.  One of the volunteers offered to take the two shopping and Change for a Dollar provided the funds for the boy and girl to get uniforms for school.  Additionally, the volunteer found out that the family did not have any air conditioning in their home in this current oppressive heat wave.  Change for a Dollar also purchased a room air conditioner to provide some minimum amount of cooling for their home.

School uniforms plus Air-conditioned - $150.00 + $193.32

Large homeless man needs clothing – July 26, 2016

A very large homeless man is living in a local homeless shelter. Unfortunately there is very little clothing in his size. The shelter receives regular donations of clothing from the public and the residents do get vouchers from Trident United Way to shop at Goodwill but nothing in his size is available.  He wears a 6XL in shirts and has a couple of shirts and a sweatshirt but was in need of more shirts.  Due to his size and his disabilities he has been unable to get a job.  He had unemployment for a couple of months but that has stopped.  He lacks the funds to purchase clothing in his size, even if he found his size locally.  Change for a Dollar purchased four shirts for him online and they were delivered to the shelter.  He was very appreciative.

Online clothing purchase - $96.44

Monday, July 4, 2016

A family of four relocating to Summerville – July 3, 2016

A family of four had to relocate to Summerville from Spartanburg.  They attended an Expanding the Table dinner one evening and in talking with one of the volunteers it became evident they were struggling.  The husband had been looking for work but was not yet successful.  They were referred to many resources by the ETT volunteers to check into for work and assistance along with all the food panty’s and soup kitchen hours.  They were staying in an extended stay motel in North Charleston as they looked for work and a place to stay in Summerville.  They were at the point of seeking a shelter as they were soon to become homeless.  They were due to run out of money shortly for their accommodations and asked if they could get some assistance.  Change for a Dollar assisted in extending their stay for several days at the motel.

Motel charges - $315.00

Family loses all in house fire – July 1, 2016

A young family who is a close friend of an ARC owner recently suffered a house fire in which they lost everything.  They currently have no food, clothing or any of their belongings.  They will have to wait through the July 4th holiday weekend before they can get any assistance and or insurance claims processed.  Change for a Dollar assisted the family with a food gift card to ease the burdens at this time.

Bi Lo Gift card - $100.00

Battered woman in need of assistance – June 24, 2016

A young woman recently was in an auto accident and suffered some injuries.  She shared an apartment with a boyfriend who is a coworker as well.  As a result of her injuries she had been unable to work.  To make matters worse she was recently assaulted by her boyfriend which aggravated her injuries.  He has since moved out of the apartment and she has filed a police complaint.  Even if she gets well enough to return to work she cannot return to her previous employer as her ex-boyfriend still works there as well.  She was struggling with making rent and other payments in these difficult times.  Change for a Dollar assisted her by paying her current electric bill. 

SCE&G payment - $84.06

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Grandmother with custody of granddaughter needed rent assistance – June 21, 2016

An Expanding the Table volunteer, while serving dinner one night, met an elderly woman who lives in a trailer park in Summerville who has custody of her middle school age granddaughter.  She indicated to him that she is employed but struggles to make ends meet.  She recently lost some time at work and has been struggling to make all her payments.  She was making partial payments on her lot rent and promised the property manager that she would make up payments when she got her tax refund.  According to the property manager she did so as promised.  Change for a Dollar also checked with her and confirmed she is up to date on utility bills etc. but was still a little short on the arrears on the lot rent for her trailer.  Change for a Dollar assisted her with paying the remaining arrears on the lot rent bringing her current.

Lot Rent Arrears - $200

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Homeless man new to town needed phone minutes – June 11, 2016

A homeless man who returned to Summerville from Florida was awaiting a bed at the local homeless shelter and was living on the street.  He has a small disability income but had run out of phone minutes and money.  His phone was his lifeline as he communicated with the shelter and a local friend who has promised him a room in the near future.  While he was waiting to get into the shelter Change for a Dollar has assisted with getting him some minutes on his phone so he can communicate with others.

Boost Mobile minutes - $54.13

Homeless man reconciles with wife – needs new tires to get home – June 6, 2016

A Summerville man has been homeless and living in the local homeless shelter following his eviction from his apartment.  He is awaiting approval on his disability and was evicted from his apartment because he was unable to work and had no income.  He was living in the apartment with his adult son following his divorce from two years ago but there wasn’t enough family income to continue to stay.  He has maintained communication with his ex-wife as his son was with him and his adult daughter was living with his ex-wife and was expecting a child, so they had a lot to talk about.  During the course of the weeks he was in the shelter, and their mutual excitement about the coming grandchild, they came to terms and sought to reconcile.  He was invited by his ex-wife to come to Florida and live with them, as they worked to rebuild the family.  Unfortunately, the vehicle he had was in desperate need of two new tires.  Change for a Dollar assisted with the tires and he returned home to Florida and his family.

Two new tires- $287.94

Family of 11 with no Air Conditioning – June 5, 2016

A large family in Summerville lives in a local trailer park.  The family consists of five adults and six children sharing a single wide trailer.  The main house air conditioner broke a while back and the family on an off used window units to cool the house.  Currently, the house only has one working window unit and the home is always very hot, even with open windows and fans.  Expanding the Table delivered a few meals one evening and became aware of the situation.  The ETT volunteered approached Change for a Dollar for assistance.  Two window units were purchased for the family and delivered to the home.

Window AC Units - $279.93

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Homeless woman in car, needs help with title loan – May 20, 2016

A Summerville woman and a friend are both homeless.  They technically are a couple and don’t want to be separated. They are living in a car at the moment and neither of them were interested in going to Charleston to stay at the shelter, although it is currently full for women.  Trident United Way was working with them to get them the services they were entitled to.  The woman owns the vehicle but has a title loan on the car.  She had fallen behind one month and was concerned about the vehicle being repossessed.  TUW called Change for a Dollar to see if we could assist. Change for a Dollar paid one month of the past due loan and the current month covering the loan until June 15th.

Title Loan Payment - $236.00

Expanding the Table guest has no Air Conditioning – May 20, 2016

An elderly Summerville woman often joins Expanding the Table for dinner. One evening a volunteer gave her a ride home because she walked with a cane.  When he helped her into the house with her belongings he noticed the oppressive heat inside the house.  He asked about the air conditioning.  She told him she lived with her brother and she was not allowed to use the AC when he was not home.  The volunteer asked if she could use a window AC unit.  She asked her brother and he indicated she could use a window unit for her bedroom if she could get one.  The volunteer asked Change for a Dollar if we could make that happen.  Change for a Dollar purchased a small window unit and the volunteer delivered it to her house.

Window AC Unit - $138.03

Single mom with special needs son struggles – May 16, 2016

A single mom cares for a special needs child.  The small boy usually is watched by the grandfather while the woman worked.  Recently the grandfather has become ill and is not available to help with the child care.  As a result she has been missing a lot of work.  This young woman works for an ARC Owner who has been trying to help her as much as possible.  Recently her phone ran out of minutes and the ARC Owner was unable to contact her.  Change for a Dollar paid for one month of prepaid minutes to get her phone turned back on so she can stay in touch and contact others in seeking help with the child care.

Verizon Payment - $49.22

Young couple battling cancer – May 12, 2016

A young couple is currently battling cancer.  An Ashley Ridge Church Owner became aware that the woman she knew had recently become ill.  The wife has had multiple surgeries as well as chemotherapy and radiation for the cancer.  It has been hard for her to work.  The husband who works as a server at a local restaurant has been missing a lot of time from work to take his wife back and forth to the hospital for treatments.  They are struggling to pay the bills.  ARC Change for a Dollar has helped them out by paying two months of their electric bill.

SCE&G Payment - $400.00

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Homeless drifter trying to get “home” – May 1, 2016

A 52 year old man has been homeless for the majority of his adult life.  He is a very pleasant and sober fellow but a true drifter in the sense of the word.  He has traveled about the country working when and where he can but living for the most part on the streets.  In the past year or so he has come down with severe COPD which makes it difficult for him to breathe especially in cold climates.  He was in the southeast for the winter and recently lost his wallet and all his important papers.  Without an ID it was next to impossible for him to get work especially with his illness but he was trying to "walk" home to Ohio to get new ID's.  He was in the Charleston area when he became weak, malnourished and fell sick and collapsed on the streets in West Ashley.  He was treated at Roper St Francis hospital but was discharged once he was stabilized.  The hospital called the men’s homeless shelter in Summerville asking to admit him as they were worried about him being on the streets.  He was not looking to stay at the shelter but rather wanted to try to get back to Cleveland OH where he was born to get his ID’s reissued.  He has an older sister there also.  In the past his sister helped him a little financially but she herself became ill and was unable to do so. She said if he could make it back to Cleveland he could stay with her for a while until he got his affairs back in order.  Change for a Dollar helped with getting him a bus ticket to Ohio.

Bus ticket to Cleveland - $149.00

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sick woman living in trailer in need of assistance – April 18, 2016

A single woman who is struggling with a severe medical condition was at the free medical clinic in Summerville recently.  A referral came from the clinic to Change for a Dollar because she was unable to work and was struggling financially.  Since she was unable to work as she was dealing with her condition a friend was letting her live in a vacant trailer for free but she was responsible for the utilities.  She had some savings and was getting by but hadn’t paid her water bill in many months as it was low on the list of her priorities.  She was put on notice that she was scheduled for disconnect and asked for help.  Change for a Dollar paid her past due account preventing the shut off.

Berkeley County Water - $210.00

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New sneakers for elementary school boy – April 16, 2016

A young boy who regularly attends Expanding the Table for dinner always wears second hand clothes and shoes.  He currently was wearing a used pair of soccer cleats, his only footwear.  One of the volunteers from Expanding the Table asked the parent if it would be ok to take him for a new pair of shoes.  They arranged a shopping date at the mall and the little boy was allowed to go through the store and pick out a new pair of sneakers he liked.  He and the volunteer ended the shopping trip with a stop at the local ice cream shop for a treat before heading home.  They had a great day!

New sneakers and ice cream - $50.00

Single Mom with special needs child needed assistance – April 15, 2016

A young woman who was unemployed was brought to Expanding the Table for dinner by a concerned friend of one of the volunteers.  He introduced her and her special needs child to the group.  She had dinner with the folks who got to know her story and situation.  By the grace of God there were several people there that could assist her.  She was offered a job and offered other assistance.  She has a pay as you go phone but since she was unemployed it was turned off.  Change for a Dollar helped her by paying two months on her phone to hold her over until she got her first paycheck.

Pre-Paid phone charges - $90.00

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Homeless man trying to get “home” – March 31, 2016

A very troubled Summerville man was seeking to return to Louisiana where he had some family.  He was not interested in staying in a shelter and struggled with basic social skills.  He spent an evening in the homeless shelter and did not mix well with the other residents and was focused only on returning to the only place he felt was home, some extended family in Louisiana.  Change for a Dollar assisted him by paying for a bus ticket.

New Bible - $139.00

Monday, April 4, 2016

Man in need of a new Bible – March 26, 2016

A new guest to the Expanding the Table food mission one evening was talking with one of the volunteers.  He shared that he struggled to get by but has strong faith that God will provide for him.  He reads his bible every day and showed his bible to the volunteer.  The bible had seen much use, it had loose and tattered pages and was falling apart.  He said he hoped to one day be able to get a new one.  The volunteer approached Change for a Dollar and asked if they could pay for a replacement bible for this gentleman.  Change for a Dollar gladly paid the cost of a replacement bible in the translation he preferred. 

New Bible - $45.00

Disabled woman’s electric disconnected – March 24, 2016

A disabled woman from Knightsville recently had her electric service disconnected.  She had missed the notices that she was past due because of medical reasons plus being out of her apartment she missed the phone messages too.  She asked if Change for a Dollar could assisted with getting the electric reconnected but that sometimes is very costly.  She was able to make enough of a payment after explaining the situation to SCE&G and was spared reconnection fees, etc.  She still had a small balance due after her electric was reconnected and Change for a Dollar assisted in bringing her account up to date with an additional payment.

SCE&G payment - $93.84

Working Mom in need of assistance – March 24, 2016

A woman who lives in a Habit for Humanity house in Summerville is steadily employed.  She recently lost time from work and was falling behind in her mortgage and electric bills.  She reached out to several organizations and was referred to Change for a Dollar from the pastor of Dorchester Presbyterian Church which partially helped her with her mortgage.  Upon speaking with her it was determined that she had been back to work but needed some additional help getting back up to date on her budget.  Change for a Dollar assisted her in making a payment towards her electric bill thus lightening her current financial burden.

SCE&G payment - $250.00

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Homeless man goes to college – March 16, 2016

A gentleman was working for the Coastal Carolina fair last year.  When the fair ended they laid off several workers and a couple of men were stranded in the area with no job or place to live.  One fellow remained homeless on the streets of Summerville for a couple of months until a bed became available at the local men’s homeless shelter.  After a couple of months picking up odd jobs he explored other options.  He looked at going back to school to get a more stable job.  He applied to Piedmont Technical School in upstate SC and was accepted.  He applied for and received some grants and scholarships.  He lacked sufficient funds for transportation to school in Greenwood SC or any funds for accommodations.  Change for a Dollar assisted with transportation, two nights lodging in a hotel prior to his school orientation and several food gift cards.

Transportation, lodging & food cards - $336.00

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Prescription assistance for men in homeless shelter - Feb 29, 2016

Several men from Summerville’s Homeless Shelter for Men became ill this past winter.  Some needed to see a doctor and were given prescriptions for their colds and flu.  A couple of them had the funds to pay for the prescriptions but several lacked sufficient funds to pay for their medications.  Change for a Dollar assisted in paying for their medications.

Movie tickets and popcorn - $100

Kids get to go to movies for the first time - Feb 27, 2016

Several families that attend the Expanding the Table food truck dinners have a few children who join in as well.  The volunteers that are part of that mission have become close to many of these families.  It came to light that many of the youngers, one 11 years old, had never been to the movies in their entire life.  Two volunteers offered to take 6 of the kids to the movies for one Saturday afternoon matinee.  Kung Fu Panda 3 was playing in the theaters and the kids were excited at the prospect of going to see the movie.  A date was scheduled and they all attended and enjoyed popcorn as well.  Change for a Dollar covered the cost of the movies outing for the kids.  A fun time was had by all.

Movie tickets and popcorn - $70

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pair of homeless men needed assistance – Feb 16, 2016

Two Summerville homeless men had nothing other than back packs and large black plastic garbage bags for their belongings.  Change for a Dollar got each man a plastic roll around foot locker to store their belongings and keep them dry.  Additionally, one man had a bicycle that was in need of new tire tube for the flat tire.  He also needed a lock to keep it from getting stolen.  Change for a Dollar also paid for a tube and repaired the tire and provided a lock for him too.

Footlockers and bike parts - $61.17

New alternator for homeless man’s truck - Feb 10, 2016

A disabled homeless man living at Summerville’s homeless shelter for men, the Lowcountry Home of Hope, has a late model truck.  He uses the truck to do occasional paint jobs to supplement his small disability check.  Recently the truck broke down on his way to MUSC for some medical treatments.  Thankfully his insurance covered getting it towed back to the shelter.  A friend of one of the shelter staff who is an auto mechanic offered to install the alternator free of charge if he could get one.  Change for a Dollar paid for the alternator for the mechanic to install.  The vehicle is back on the road.

Rebuilt alternator for truck - $80

Band outfit for middle school boy - Feb 5, 2016

A local middle school boy who plays the clarinet in the school band is a frequent guest at dinner at Expanding the Table, a Summerville Mobile Soup Kitchen.  He has on occasion entertained the guests by playing at dinner.  Recently there was discussion about the upcoming school concert where he indicated he may not be able to play in it.  When he was asked why he couldn’t play he said he need black shoes, black pants and a white shirt which he didn’t have and his family could not afford.  Change for a Dollar paid for his outfit so he would be able to participate in the upcoming concert.

Shoes, pants and shirt - $50

Prescription assistance for several Summerville patients – Jan 31, 2016

Several patients from Summerville’s local free medical clinic were in need of assistance to purchase prescribed medications.  Ashley Ridge Church has a relationship with a local pharmacy in Summerville that partners with Change for a Dollar in providing medications to those in need.  Additionally, several men from the Summerville homeless shelter for men, the Lowcountry Home of Hope, were battling head colds during the winter months.  Several of them were able to get some over the counter cold remedies from the same local pharmacy.  Change for a Dollar covered the cost of those medications.

Pharmacy account - $100

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vision therapy for little girl with birth defects – Jan 17, 2016

A Summerville family has a one year old girl who was born with severe birth defects.  The little girl has a very under developed brain that in part affects her vision.  She is an adorable little girl and the families insurance has been helpful but it does not cover the therapy.  The vision therapy is necessary at this age if she is to have any hope to be able to have the ability to see in the years to come. The treatments have gotten very expensive with the frequent visits.  This has put a very big strain on the family finances along with the other uncovered expenses.   The Dorchester Board of Disabilities shared her story with several organizations who have been raising funds to cover her frequent therapy sessions.  Ashley Ridge Church, Change for a Dollar helped as well by putting money on account for the little girl’s therapy.

Vision therapy funds - $200.00

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Homeless woman living in van – Jan 14, 2016

A Summerville woman got into some legal problems that resulted in her temporarily losing custody of her children to the grandmother.  She and her mother were guests at Expanding the Table Food Ministry last week and they shared their story.  The woman needs to attend some classes and is not permitted to live with her mother and the children during the period of change of custody.  The grandmother is helping her daughter as best she can but is of limited means.  The woman struggles to find employment and has a suspended license that makes it more difficult.  As a result the women has found herself homeless as she works out her issues and works toward getting custody of her children.  She is currently living in her van which had a tire that was going flat and the others were bald or improperly sized.  Changed for a Dollar offered to help with tires and was able to work out a deal with Gerald’s Tires to get her a full set of four good used tires so she could still have some means of transportation.

Gerald’s tires payment - $208.96

Elderly disabled woman, electric bill help – Jan 10, 2016

A Summerville man who is disabled was living with his mother who was also disabled.  It was strained relationship and issues came to head where the man had to move out of the house.  His disability prevented him from working and he soon found himself homeless.  He is currently residing in the local homeless shelter.  He continues to have contact with and is concerned for his mother.  She had fallen behind in the electric bill and she was in danger of being disconnected.  He approached Ashley Ridge Church Change for a Dollar for assistance in helping his Mom with her bill.  Change for a Dollar made a partial payment on the account preventing the shut off of electric.

SCE&G payment - $150.00