Sunday, November 29, 2015

Homeless woman seeks closure with family – November 21, 2015

A homeless Summerville woman has been living on the streets for many months.  She has family in Georgia but has been estranged for many years since her divorce.  Her parents are of very limited means, getting very old and frail and this woman was looking to reconcile with them before it was too late and possibly return home to join them.  She was very anxious about the meeting but felt she needed to reach out.  Change for a Dollar offered to assist if she decided to make the trip in hopes of a good outcome.  After a couple of weeks considering the offer she took us up on the assistance.  Change for a Dollar paid for a bus ticket to GA plus a couple nights in a hotel for her to clean up before the visit.  Last word was she was staying at the parents’ house after the hotel stay.  A good sign.

Trip to GA – $63.00 bus ticket, $203.07 hotel – total $266.07

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Single mom evicted, relocating up north – November 6, 2015

A single mom in Summerville was living with some relatives for the past serval years.  She recently lost her job and there was some conflict within the household.  The tension came to a head in recent weeks and the relative informed her that she had to leave the house.  After a few days of living in her car with her children see began to reach out to agencies for assistance.  There was no vacancies in any shelters and she ran the risk of having trouble with DSS for living in her car.  She had other family in Massachusetts who she was in communication with and told her she come to stay with them.  They did not have enough resources to make the trip.  Change for a Dollar was approached for help and we provided gas cards for the trip up north.

Gas Cards – $100.00

Monday, November 2, 2015

Homeless man needed help to get medical care – Nov 2, 2015

A Summerville Homeless man was assaulted a couple of weeks ago.  As a result of the assault he required surgery that wired his jaw back together.  He recently lost his job and was due for a follow up visit to the surgeon to have the wires removed from his jaw.  He was conserving gas in his car for job hunting and asked for help with a gas card to get downtown to MUSC for the follow-up medical visit.  Change for a Dollar purchased him a gas card.

Gas card - $25

Bus Ticket for homeless man - October 30, 2015

As Summerville homeless man was looking to get into the new homeless shelter in town.  Unfortunately, the man had an outstanding legal matter out of state that would result in blocking his entrance to the shelter.  He explained the situation to ARC owners who know him and requested help.  After reviewing the circumstances and discussing options Change for a Dollar purchased a round trip bus ticket for this man to resolve his matters out of state.  He returned after a couple of days and was transported to the homeless shelter where he now resides.

Bus Ticket – $206.00

Bible for struggling young man - October 23, 2015

A guest of Expanding the Table was going through some difficult times and didn’t have any supportive family to turn to.  He suffered a bad accident one evening and was hospitalized as a result.  He had been communicating with one of the food truck volunteers and that was the person he called from the hospital.  The volunteer made a visit to him in the hospital and he was a bit upset.  During the visit he asked if the volunteer would get him a Bible.  Change for a Dollar purchased an easy to read bible / study guide.

Bible – $40.00