Saturday, February 18, 2017

Disabled man in danger of eviction and electric shut off – Feb 13, 2017

A local apartment manager reached out to Change fir a Dollar for assistance for an elderly tenant who was on disability.  For whatever reason the tenant’s disability payments had been temporarily suspended and he was behind on his rent and his electric bill.  The apartment manager was patiently working with him as he rectified his disability payments but he was in danger of his electric being disconnected.  He had a past due bill that was beyond the means of Change for a Dollar to pay but the apartment manager said Summerville Baptist Church offered help as well but also could not pay the full amount and was hoping someone else would also assist.  Change for a Dollar coordinated with Summerville Baptist and the disconnect amount was paid preventing him from being shut off.

SCE&G Payment- $150

Homeless man in crisis – Feb 10, 2017

A homeless man was at a recent serving of Expanding the Table and was very upset and crying.  He was intoxicated and was talking of suicide as he was depressed about the anniversary of his departed wife which was a few days away.  A volunteer spoke with him for a while and was able to calm him down while another volunteer checked to see if the homeless shelter had a bed.  Unfortunately, because he was intoxicated, he could not go to the shelter that evening.  There was a bed available but he would have to be sober.  Change for a Dollar put him up in the hotel for the evening and the volunteer met him for breakfast the next day where he was in a better frame of mind.  He was transported to the shelter where he was accepted.

One night hotel stay - $65.00

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Homeless family needed help with lodging – Feb 3, 2017

A homeless family of 3 has been living in a hotel after losing a job and getting evicted.  They used the little savings that they had paying for the hotel room.  The husband had recently gotten a new job but the wife has been unable to work due to a recent diagnosis for a disabling illness.  They were confident that once the husband started receiving a paycheck they could back on their feet.  They asked Ashley Ridge Church for help who referred the case to Change for a Dollar which paid for one nights stay at the hotel.

One night hotel stay - $77.28

Homeless family in need of lodging – Jan 30, 2017

A homeless family of 7 came to the local men’s homeless shelter seeking assistance.  They had recently relocated from upstate SC to the area but job prospects did not work out as hoped.  The family has two disabled children for which they receive payments but they used up all their funds for the month living in an extended stay hotel.  For the past few days they were living in their car.  The husband was promised a job and would start in a few days and the disability money would come in on the first of the month.  The staff, a volunteer and one of the residents from the homeless shelter chipped in to pay for a couple of nights stay at a hotel but they were still short one day.  Change for a Dollar was approached for an additional night to carry them over till they started receive payments/paycheck. 

One night hotel stay - $65.00

Family with sick wife has financial trouble – Jan 26, 2017

An ARC owner got a call from a friend who told her of a young family who was struggling.  The husband was working construction but it was slow during the winter.  The wife has recently been diagnosed with Lupus and has been losing a lot of time at work. With the loss of income the family has fallen behind on the bills.  The electric was in danger of being shut off.  Change for a Dollar helped by paying the past due bill preventing the shut off.

SCE&G Payment - $476.35

Movies for Kids – Jan 27, 2017

A couple of volunteers with the Expanding the Table feeding ministry regularly interact with many of the children who come to dinner.  Many of the kids come from families that are struggling financially.  It became evident to the volunteers that several of the kids have never been to the movies.  They approached Change for a Dollar to ask if we could help with taking the kids to the movies.  They took a group of girls to a movie with plans to take a group of boys in the weeks to come.

Movie Tickets - $49.65