Monday, October 1, 2018

Single Grandmother gets guardianship of two young kids – September 29, 2018

A single grandmother with limited income recently had to take in her two small grandchildren.  The kids are 8 and 10 and their mother needed some time to sort out issues in her life.  It is anticipated to be for a limited duration, hopefully no more than a year.  The guardianship came as a surprise and the woman wasn’t prepared for taking on the expense of child care, etc.  The kids were in need of some clothing as they did not come with much clothing.  An ARC owner approached Change for a Dollar to see if we could assist.  Change for a Dollar paid for a gift card to Walmart to help with clothing or groceries whatever was most needed.

Walmart gift card – $175.00

Prescription medications for poor and homeless - September 4, 2018

Change for a Dollar has received numerous requests to assist with prescription medications for the poor and homeless in the community.  Several were struggling with life threatening illnesses and medications are key to recovery.  Change for a Dollar has assisted several folks, many times over the years, and is thankful for a local pharmacy that offers Change for a Dollar a discount on the cash price for providing medications to those in need. 

Prescription medications - $100.00

Assistance with school supplies and uniforms– September 1, 2018

Expanding the Table has relationships with many children on the serving nights in town.  Many of the families that attend struggle to make ends meet and don’t have funds to get clothes and supplies for the new school year.  Several volunteers approached Change for a Dollar to see if we could assist.  Several volunteers partnered with Change for a Dollar and assisted with purchasing some pants and shirts plus some school supplies from Walmart for the children.

School supplies and uniforms – $58.26 plus funds from others

Local homeless man needed new bicycle – August 24, 2018

A local Summerville man who is in and out of homelessness was in need of a bicycle.  A few months back he suffered a broken leg as a result of a dog attack and lost his bicycle in the process.  Change for a Dollar offered to get him a new bicycle as soon as he finished rehab and got back on his feet.  His recovery was lengthy but he was eventually ready following much practice on a stationary bike at the senior center.  Has was thrilled to be able to become mobile once again assisted.

New bicycle – $106.92

Local kids needed school supplies and haircuts – August 18, 2018

Several local Summerville kids that come to the Expanding the Table feeding ministry were in need of school supplies and haircuts.   One of the volunteers who spends time with the kids asked Change for a Dollar for assistance in helping the kids with the needed supplies and the haircuts.  Change for a Dollar assisted with helping the volunteer in purchasing some school supplies from Walmart for the kids.

School supplies and haircuts – $168.65