Sunday, October 30, 2016

Couple displaced by hurricane, hotel stay – Oct 30, 2016

A couple was displaced from their home when a tree crashed through their trailer during Hurricane Matthew.  They have a claim that is in process with FEMA but that takes time.  The husband is disabled and receives regular disability checks but that is not due for another week.  They have run out of funds paying for stays at a local hotel.  A couple of churches in town have helped with a few nights but they were facing the need to check out.  The hotel manager has a relationship with ARC and gives Change for a Dollar a special rate.  The manager referred the case to Change for a Dollar.  We were able to help with an additional two night’s stay.

Two nights hotel stay – $125.34

Divorced single mom in need of assistance – Oct 23, 2016

A young single mother recently got divorced and wound up losing her job shortly thereafter.  An ARC owner became aware of her situation.  She had secured a new job but was struggling with some past due bills from when she was out of work.  The ARC owner asked if Change for a Dollar could assist.  Upon checking with her the most pressing need was that her electric was due to be disconnected.  Change for a Dollar assisted by paying the amount needed to prevent the disconnect.

SCE&G Payment - $131.00

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Young homeless couple has a baby – Oct 12, 2016

A young homeless couple was living in their car.  The woman was pregnant and expecting in October.  The hurricane was coming around the due date for the baby so the couple scraped up as much money as they could and rode out the storm in a hotel.  The woman went into labor the day after the storm and the baby was delivered.  The couple was looking for and getting some assistance from a very benevolent woman who was allowing the mother to temporarily move in with the baby. The baby’s father is waiting to enter the homeless shelter.   Change for a Dollar helped with several days stay in the hotel for the couple.

Three days EconoLodge - $168.54

Young mother fighting cancer – Oct 2, 2016

A young woman is battling cancer.  An ARC Owner reported she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for the cancer.  She continues to miss work on the days she has chemo and as a result she is struggling to pay the bills.  ARC Change for a Dollar has helped them out by paying current electric bill.

SCE&G Payment - $258.12

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Homeless man needed new car battery – Sept 21, 2016

A homeless man owns a late model vehicle that has some minor problems.   He recently got divorced and lost his job at the same time.  He has been working odd jobs and has applied for unemployment but still is not earning enough to get an apartment.  He recently had car problems with a bad battery and bad alternator.  He had some funds to pay for the new battery but it would have depleted most of his savings.  Change for a Dollar assisted him in paying for a portion of the cost of the battery so he can continue his job hunt and periodic work days.

Partial battery purchase price - $70

Elderly homeless woman has cancer – Sept 21, 2016

A 76 year old homeless woman is battling lung cancer.  She has been living in her van for some time but has managed to get by on her small income, at least until her illness has recently gotten worse.  She was in the hospital earlier this month but when discharged the hospital put her up in a local hotel for one week.  She is scheduled for ongoing chemotherapy and was concerned about enduring the treatments while living in her van.  When her hotel stay ran out she was found sitting on the curb at the hotel by a young woman who was staying at the hotel who knew of Change for a Dollar. She gave our contact info to the hotel clerk who called us.  Change for a Dollar met with the woman and talked to her about options in the community.  Nothing seemed to be of any help to her.  In the end Change for Dollar paid for an additional night at the hotel so she didn’t have to stay in her car during a very rainy evening.   Unfortunately, there was little more we could do than to pray for her.

One night hotel stay - $60