Sunday, August 21, 2016

Women getting divorce in need of assistance – Aug 19, 2016

An ARC owner has a routine appointment with a massage therapist in Summerville.  The young woman recently found herself in the middle of an unexpected marital separation/divorce.  She shared her story the ARC owner.  The woman has two children and she was left with several outstanding bills that she was unaware since her husband was not paying the bills.  The ARC owner inquired as to the most pressing need, there were many, and Change for Dollar assisted with a grocery food gift card to help ease the burden on the budget.

BiLo gift card - $150

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Several homeless and poor in need of medications – Aug 6, 2016

Several men from the Lowcountry Home of Hope, a men’s homeless shelter in Summerville, had emergency room stays and visits to the doctor. Out of the three only one had a job but it was small hours and minimum wage.  For all of them the cost of medications were too expensive to purchase.  Change for a Dollar worked out an arrangement for a small discount with Gurerin's pharmacy and had their prescriptions filled.  Additionally, there was a women in the MUSC program for battered women who was also having difficulty paying for her medication.  MUSC contacted Change for a Dollar to see if we could assist.  Change for a Dollar assisted by paying for two prescriptions for her as well.

Guerin's Pharmacy - $100.00

Family of four needs AC – Aug 1, 2016

A family who attends the Expanding the Table dinners was talking with one of the volunteers. The volunteer found out that the family did not have any air conditioning in their home in this current oppressive heat wave.  A visit to the home verified it was hotter inside the house than it was outside.  Change for a Dollar purchased a window unit air conditioner for the family of four to provide some much needed cooling for their home.

Air-conditioner - $193.32