Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Tent City family in need of sleeping bags and cots – March 11, 2018

A family that was living in a tent city in the woods on the other side of Interstate I26 came to the ETT Food Truck for dinner one night.  It was a small family that was living in a make shift tents. Several of the volunteers felt the calling to assist and on their own got them a new tent and other basic needs to make life a little bit better.  They approached Change for a Dollar to see if they could help as well and we were able to provide funds for two cots and two sleeping bags to keep the folks off the ground and warm in the evening.

Sleeping bags and cots - $150

Rent assistance for single mom with health issues– March 3, 2018

A woman who occasionally attended Ashley Ridge Church has been struggling with some serious health issues that were costing her a lot in prescription co pays.  She had a regular job but with a young child in day care it really was putting a strain on the budget.  She reluctantly reached out to church staff for where she may be able to get assistance with her rent that was due.  Change for a Dollar typically doesn’t have the funds to assist with rent but had very few requests in the past month.   Change for a Dollar happened to have just enough to help her out (God does work in wonderful ways)  C4$ paid a partial payment to her landlord.

Rent assist - $500

Homeless man new bike – March 2, 2018

A homeless frequently visits the ETT Food Truck by bicycle.  He has been in and out of shelters since his release from prison but early on he received a donated bicycle.  He was very much appreciative of the bicycle and took very good care of it.  He had on occasion asked for a new light or seat or a new tire but nothing major.  One day he went into a convenience store that he normally visits and had locked his bike up when he went into the store.  This past month when he went into the store he came out t find the lock cut and his bicycle stolen.  He was able to get a very used bike form the local homeless shelter but in needed work.  The rear rim was bent and he needed a new tube and tube.  C4$ checked to see if they could help but the parts were getting up there in cost.  C4$ hasn’t had as big request in a while and had enough funds for a new bike.  The new bike was not that much more than the needed parts.  The fellow was thrilled with the bike as he was only expecting to get his repaired.

New bicycle – $160.00

ETT Guest water bill assist – January 31, 2018

A regular guest at the ETT food Truck asked for assistance with his water bill.  He was seen many times in the past helping out fellow guests with small financial assistance.  He always had a positive outlook and felt the call to help others as small as it may be.  He said he hadn’t gotten as much worked as he hoped lately and had fallen behind on his water bill.  Change for a dollar assisted by paying his past due amount thus preventing a disconnect.

SCPW Payment – $90.00

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Single Dad - Electric Assist - January 27, 2019

A dad with a baby called the Ashley Ridge church office for assistance.  Ordinarily there would not have been anyone in the office at that date and time but a staff member answered the call.  The single dad who had custody of his seven month old child was living with his mother.  The family has very modest income and the father was working until he got in a vehicle accident and has been out of work for a couple of weeks.  This put a strain on the family finances.  They were on a “pay as you go” program with Berkeley Electric Cooperative.  They only had a few dollars left on the account and were in danger of being disconnected the next day.  Change for a Dollar paid enough on their account to give them some breathing room for a few days.

Berkeley Elec CoOp Payment – $50.00

Elderly Woman Electric bill assist – January 9, 2109

An elderly woman from Summerville was beginning to have difficulty managing her finances and was forgetting to pay bills.  Her neighbor became aware of the situation and realized she had gotten a disconnect notice for failure to pay her electric bill.  The neighbor posted a notice on one of the local online neighborhood bulletin boards.  An ARC Owner who often monitors and posts information on the bulletin board inquired about the elderly woman.  He found out her account information and change for a Dollar was able to review her account and verified she was in danger of being disconnected.  Change for a Dollar paid the balance due thus preventing her from being disconnected.

SCEG Payment – $107