Thursday, May 21, 2015

Battered woman assistance – May 20, 2015

An ARC owner requested assistance for a woman who was living in a very abusive relationship.  In addition to the physical abuse the woman was not allowed to work independently and could only work with her husband so he could control her behavior.  The ARC owner was looking for an opportunity to intervene and when the police got involved one evening she called DSS.  DSS arranged to remove the woman and the children from the home.  The woman was temporarily placed at her parents’ home but they are still too close to the abuser and this family has very limited means.  Change for a Dollar was able to refer to some services, victims’ advocacy and a safe house.  As the woman had no financial means to do anything Change for a Dollar set up an emergency fund for her to access as she escapes form this terrible situation

Emergency Fund - $500

Single woman with sick granddaughter - May 12, 3015

A disabled Summerville woman has been going through a difficult divorce and has been struggling to make ends meet as she is still not getting any child support.  She recently moved into an apartment with her two granddaughters after being homeless for a short period of time.  One of her girls recently was diagnosed with a respiratory ailment that requires the use of some electric powered medical equipment.  Her husband has not been helping financially and her disability payments were stretched especially with the additional electric consumption for the medical equipment.  She has fallen behind in her SCE&G monthly payments.  Change for Dollar helped by paying an outstanding payment that will prevent any electric shut off.

SCE&G Payment $292.91

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Elderly couple in need of assistance - May 6, 2015

An elderly gentleman and his wife were in need of assistance.  For years he was serving in his local church as a Deacon and was very active.  In recent years, due to health reasons, he has been limited in what he can do and is on a fixed income.  He has had to stop serving at his local church but he and his wife remain faithful and do what they can.  In recent months he had some unexpected expenses that caused him to fall behind in his electric bill, this was upsetting for him as he had prided himself in always being able to provide for his family.  ARC Change for a Dollar was approached and asked if we could help him through this difficult spot.  Change for a Dollar paid a portion of his electric bill thus keeping him out of the arrears / disconnect process.

SCE&G Payment $336.73

Newlywed looses job, falls behind on bills - April 29, 2015

The pastor of a small local church approached ARC Change for a Dollar for assistance for one of their members.  A couple who attends their church regularly recently got married and moved in together, both were working at that time.  The husband shortly after moving in with his wife lost his job and is still looking for work.  In the interim the utility bills grew as the family size had increased and they fell behind in their payments to SCE&G.  Their church helped them out some but they were still short on the bill to prevent the shut off.  Change for a Dollar made an SCE&G payment to prevent the disconnection of service.

SCE&G Payment $626.52