Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas for single mom with 2 kids– Dec 5, 2016

A single mom trying is to make a go of it after leaving an abusive relationship and was looking for a job.  She had no transportation and was walking everywhere but it limited her ability to get work.  Change for a Dollar bought her a bicycle to extend her ability to travel to and from a job. She subsequently got a job within a few days.  In the process it was discovered the family did not have a Christmas tree for Christmas.  The mom had a few presents for the kids but no decorations or tree. Change for a Dollar also purchased a pre-lighted 6 foot tree and few ornaments so the family could have a tree for Christmas morning.

Total cost, Walmart - $175.95

Homeless and poor in need of medications – Dec 2, 2016

Ashley Ridge Church has a relationship with a local pharmacy in Summerville where Change for a Dollar can acquire discounted prescriptions for folks in need.  The free clinics in town try to either provide medications or prescribe from the major chain stores discounted medication lists for the uninsured.  At times an individual will be discharged from the hospital or given a prescription from a clinic that is beyond their means to pay. Change for a Dollar refers them to our partnering pharmacy and Change for a Dollar covers the cost of their medications.

Total cost - $150.00

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Family in trouble financially – Dec 1, 2016

An ARC owner works with a woman who recently shared some family troubles.  It appears the husband was not staying on top of the bills and now the family is looking at some serious financial difficulties. Their electric bill was in arrears and they would soon be facing a disconnect if a payment was not made soon.  Change for a Dollar was able to help the family out by making a payment on the electric bill which will help them get their finances back on track.

SCE&G payment - $200

Homeless man needed car part – Nov 23, 2016

A homeless man living in the local homeless shelter uses a late model vehicle to go to work on odd jobs.  He is currently trying to clear up many outstanding bills from a recent divorce.  He is currently looking for full time employment but vehicle problems have made that difficult.  He has made a few dollars to keep up on the repair the vehicle but recently came up short.  Change for a Dollar assisted in purchasing some of the parts he needed.

Total cost - $88.90