Monday, February 15, 2016

Pair of homeless men needed assistance – Feb 16, 2016

Two Summerville homeless men had nothing other than back packs and large black plastic garbage bags for their belongings.  Change for a Dollar got each man a plastic roll around foot locker to store their belongings and keep them dry.  Additionally, one man had a bicycle that was in need of new tire tube for the flat tire.  He also needed a lock to keep it from getting stolen.  Change for a Dollar also paid for a tube and repaired the tire and provided a lock for him too.

Footlockers and bike parts - $61.17

New alternator for homeless man’s truck - Feb 10, 2016

A disabled homeless man living at Summerville’s homeless shelter for men, the Lowcountry Home of Hope, has a late model truck.  He uses the truck to do occasional paint jobs to supplement his small disability check.  Recently the truck broke down on his way to MUSC for some medical treatments.  Thankfully his insurance covered getting it towed back to the shelter.  A friend of one of the shelter staff who is an auto mechanic offered to install the alternator free of charge if he could get one.  Change for a Dollar paid for the alternator for the mechanic to install.  The vehicle is back on the road.

Rebuilt alternator for truck - $80

Band outfit for middle school boy - Feb 5, 2016

A local middle school boy who plays the clarinet in the school band is a frequent guest at dinner at Expanding the Table, a Summerville Mobile Soup Kitchen.  He has on occasion entertained the guests by playing at dinner.  Recently there was discussion about the upcoming school concert where he indicated he may not be able to play in it.  When he was asked why he couldn’t play he said he need black shoes, black pants and a white shirt which he didn’t have and his family could not afford.  Change for a Dollar paid for his outfit so he would be able to participate in the upcoming concert.

Shoes, pants and shirt - $50

Prescription assistance for several Summerville patients – Jan 31, 2016

Several patients from Summerville’s local free medical clinic were in need of assistance to purchase prescribed medications.  Ashley Ridge Church has a relationship with a local pharmacy in Summerville that partners with Change for a Dollar in providing medications to those in need.  Additionally, several men from the Summerville homeless shelter for men, the Lowcountry Home of Hope, were battling head colds during the winter months.  Several of them were able to get some over the counter cold remedies from the same local pharmacy.  Change for a Dollar covered the cost of those medications.

Pharmacy account - $100