Friday, April 6, 2018

Family loses everything in fire – April 5, 2018

A local family recently lost everything in their house fire.  Their son whose room was the starting point of the fire was also burned in the escape from the house.  The family had a lot of support from their friends, employers and the local high school where one of the children attended.  The high school office shared the information with Ashley Ridge Church staff and Change for a Dollar reached out to see if we could assist in any way.  The Red Cross puts families in a hotel for three nights following a serious fire.  This family was struggling to continue to pay for the hotel stay beyond the three nights but most other needs like clothing and food had been met.  They told Change for a Dollar that keeping a roof over their head and staying locally for the kid’s school attendance was the biggest need at this time.  Change for a Dollar offered to help with the cost for extending their stay in the hotel while they continue to sort their situation out.  Thankfully the burned son was released from the hospital after several days of treatment for his burns and was expect to have a good recovery.

Additional hotel stay - $500.00

Assistance for rehab for homeless man - March 22, 2018

A Summerville man has been struggling with addiction for the majority of his adult life.  He has a very supportive family and they tried to help him through all his struggles over the years.  In the past year however the family was no longer able to continue to provide housing and support for a variety of reasons.  The man was working on and off and was attending AA and NA meetings on and off too but really struggled staying engaged.  When he found himself living in a homeless shelter and no place to turn after failed local rehab attempts he got serious about making a change.  He is also on disability and has insurance that is now helping pay for an intensive inpatient 3 to 6 month rehabilitation facility in Upstate SC.  He did need to have a substantial copay to enter the facility but was short the funds to do so.  Change for a Dollar offered assistance to the family and helped pay the copay for him to enter the program.

Co Pay for Rehab center - $500.00