Saturday, April 29, 2017

A WONDERFUL request at the smallest cost– April 29, 2017

A group of folks from Ashley Ridge Church meets weekly in a local park in the evening for Small Group.  This past week as they gathered one of the women was approached by a fellow she knew who frequents the park.  He asked what she was doing there and what where the books she was carrying.  She explained that her Small Group meets in the park on Tuesdays for bible studies etc. and that was her bible and a study book for the evening’s gathering.  The man told her he wished he had a bible that was easy to read and in large print.  She told him she would look into it for him.  She asked if Change for a Dollar could help and we found an NIrV version online which is easy to read and in large print.  We ordered it and she was able to deliver it to him the following Friday when she saw him next.  One of the least costly C4$ requests ever but a wonderful request to be able to fill.

NIrV Bible - $7.92

Disabled woman needed wheelchair repair – April 28, 2017

A Summerville woman who is a regular at the Expanding the Table dinner is disabled and is wheelchair bound.  She uses her motorized chair to get around, socialize and shop outside of her apartment. However, her wheelchair is covered by Medicare for indoor use only and the batteries get a more severe workout from the repeated drain and recharges with the outside use.  Medicare will only cover battery replacement once per year.  She recently had problems with the batteries which were found to be in need of replacement and her battery charger was also not working properly.  She was 4 months early on the insurance coverage to replace the batteries and was currently using a manual chair which she struggled with not having the upper body strength.  A volunteer from ETT was approach for assistance who contacted Change for a Dollar.  We spoke with the wheelchair servicing company and arranged to have her batteries replaced so she could start using her motorized chair again.

Wheelchair batteries replacement - $473.70

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Disabled “Missionary” in financial trouble– April 24, 2017

An elderly disabled Summerville woman for many years had been on a local mission to help the poor and the homeless in the community.  She had become to be known as the “Bread Lady” as she would make weekly visits to local grocery stores, get the last sale date bread and redistribute it to local food pantries, etc. in spite of her condition.  She was also very active in advocating for and helping the homeless.  Recently her medical condition had deteriorated to the point where she is now home bound.  Her disability and Medicare does not pay all the cost of her home care and she has significant co pays for the in home therapy, etc.  Her budget is very strained and she fell behind on her electric bill and was in danger of disconnect.  A year or so ago Change for a Dollar assisted her and she now humbly reach out for information on other organizations that may be able to assist.  Change for Dollar pointed her to some agencies that may help but we also made a payment to prevent the disconnect of the electric, plus a little extra towards the next bill.

SCE&G Payment - $300.00

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Man in subsidized housing struggles – April 11, 2017

A Summerville man who lives in a subsidized apartment in Summerville was between jobs and was struggling to pay his bills.  He was waiting to get a check from a new job but wasn’t expecting much as it was based in part on commissions.  He had to travel a bit further to his new job so he was using more gas than expected and it was straining his budget.  He was a regular guest at the Expanding the Table feeding ministry and asked one of the volunteers if we could help.  After exploring his needs the best option was for Change for a Dollar to assist with the electric bill which averages $125 per month. Change for a Dollar paid one month’s charges to SCE&G.  The ETT volunteer also personally helped by putting $20.00 worth of gas in his tank at the local station.

SCE&G Payment - $125.00

Young family battling cancer – April 10, 2017

A young family from Summerville was in the process of making some changes which included downsizing their home to fit their budget.  The wife of the family recently got a new job as a teacher and their prospects were looking better.  The wife unfortunately at the same time was diagnosed with cancer.  The family had to put the move on hold and has moved in with one of the parents during this crisis.  The wife has not been able to work as she undergoes treatment as it makes her very ill.  The finances are now stretched even further.  Change for a Dollar was approached for assistance.   Her treatments for the cancer are at MUSC downtown and the trip consumes a lot of gas. Change for a Dollar assisted with purchasing the family gas cards to assist.

Gas cards - $150.00

Young couple stranded in Summerville – April 7, 2017

A young man formally from Summerville relocated to San Antonio Texas after he aged out of the foster care system.  When he graduated from high school he had trouble making it in Summerville and moved to Texas in hopes of better opportunities.  In Texas he connected with a young lady and began attending a local church.  He was still struggling getting his life on track and had still been communicating with his last foster family in Summerville.  He arranged to return to Summerville with his girlfriend on promises from the foster family to help.  He left Texas in spite of the pastor from his church advising against the move.  Upon arriving in Summerville the foster family never returned his calls and did not meet him at an arranged meeting place.  He and the young lady gave up after a couple of days living on the streets and trying to connect.  He called the men’s homeless shelter in town but they had no beds and could not take in the girl.  Change for a Dollar was contacted by the shelter to see if we could assist.  Change for a Dollar contacted his pastor in Texas and confirmed the story.  He had the opportunity to go back and live with the pastor and his family. Change for a Dollar assisted the young couple with a bus ticket to return to San Antonio.

Bus tickets (2) to Texas - $394.00 total