Friday, November 11, 2016

“Homeless” single mom assisted with residence – Nov 5, 2016

A single mother recently relocated back to Summerville from Florida.  She was staying with family in Florida but needed to leave due to an unhealthy environment for her children.  Her hopes for Summerville didn’t materialize and she and the kids wound up in the One80 Place homeless shelter.  After a month in the shelter it became difficult for her to stay for a variety of reasons, mainly that the kids were having difficulty dealing with the conditions.  She knew a landlord in Summerville and was able to secure a trailer and got assistance with paying the rent for the first six months.  Unfortunately, her only income was $500 in food stamps and she has been selling plasma for additional cash.  Change for a Dollar assisted with getting her settled into the trailer as they had nothing but a couple of bean bag chairs and a small table.  Donations of beds and other furniture were arranged and Change for a Dollar paid for sheets, bedding, some clothing for the kids, and a couple of heaters for the trailer which had very poor heating.

Total payments - $185.18