Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Homeless man needed new tires on vehicle– April 13, 2019

A man who is a guest at a local homeless has a vehicle for transportation to work.  The tires were in poor condition and he got a flat.  When he went for the spare it was dry rot and almost flat as well.  He was stranded without two of the tires.  Thankfully he was just down the road from the shelter and limped home of the near flat spare.  Change for a Dollar assisted him with the purchase of two new tires so he could get back on the road and resume his job.

Walmart tires - $110.00

Help for disabled man to earn some income – March 17, 2019

A local Summerville man receives a small disability check.  He does have the ability to do some minor physical labor and would supplement often his income by doing light yard work.  He would do trimming and edging for people but recently his weed wacker broke.  Change for a Dollar assisted in getting him a new weed wacker and some gas so he go back to earning a few extra dollars

Lowe's weed wacker  - $186.57

Assistance with groceries for woman in camper – April 6, 2019

A local Summerville woman who is living in a camper behind a garage in a commercial area was in need of some food assistance.  She often gets food items from food pantries but never has opportunity to get fresh fruits and vegetables or dairy items.  Outreach volunteers from Ashley Ridge Church took her grocery shopping for some of the perishable items to round out her weekly menu.

Mr K’s grocery - $80.00

ETT Guest bike in need of repair– March 24, 2019

A woman who regularly visits the ETT food truck on Saturdays often gets a ride home from a volunteer because her bicycle was broken.  C4$ checked out the bicycle, it needed new tire tubes and a basket would be helpful.  New tire tubes were installed and new baskets were put on which helped her transporting items.   

Tire tubes and baskets - $51.54