Friday, March 9, 2018

New bicycle tires for homeless man – March 9, 2018

A homeless man regularly visits the Expanding the Table food truck by bicycle.  He is pretty good at maintaining his bicycle as he is handy enough to do minor repairs.  However, his tires were showing extensive wear and he was in need of new ones.  Change for a Dollar approached him to see if he could use some new tires.  He was thrilled at the offer where Change for a Dollar paid for two new tires, two tubes and a bike lock.  Since he didn’t have a lock he was concerned with the new “wheels” he might be a target for theft so he was helped with that also.

Bike tires, tubes and lock - $59.50

Bus ticket for homeless man – March 1, 2018

A homeless man was recently hospitalized following an accidental poisoning.  He was scheduled to reside at the local homeless shelter but when he was in the hospital he connected with a sister from Tennessee who he hadn’t spoken with in a while.  She offered to put him up following his discharge from the hospital and had a job lined up for him as well in Tennessee, if he could arrange to get himself there.  He preferred to take his sister up on the offer rather than staying in Summerville and the shelter.  Change for a Dollar assisted in purchasing him a bus ticket to Tennessee.

Bus ticket to Tennessee - $134.55

Refrigerator needed for Community Center - February 14, 2018

A local Community Resource Center that services a poor section of Summerville recently began receiving food donations from various organizations.  They have a small food pantry and only a small “dormitory” sized refrigerator.  Their ministry was growing and they were in need of a larger refrigerator to store food as they were regularly serving lunches to people from the community.  Change for a Dollar became aware of this organization as they are in the midst of several other ministries ARC conducts.  A larger refrigerator would allow them to better serve the same community ARC was supporting in many ways.  Change for a Dollar arranged for the purchase of a used refrigerator for the Center.

Used Refrigerator - $315.65

Widow needed car repairs - February 13, 2018

There was a couple that regularly visited the Expanding the Table food ministry that recently experienced a death in the family.  The husband of this this couple died of cancer and left his widow struggling a little bit financially.  The wife has a job but her car was in need of some repairs.  She was short some funds to give the mechanic to start work because she was still a week away from getting paid.  She had arranged for transportation to work but need the car ASAP.  An ARC owner was approached for assistance who reached out to Change for a Dollar.  Change for a Dollar arranged to pay a deposit for the mechanic to get the parts and begin the repairs, which she was going to pay for the balance once she got paid at work.

Car repairs - $100.00