Saturday, September 14, 2019

Homeless woman needed uniform for work – August 30, 2019

A local Summerville homeless woman was seeking employment as she worked to get back on her feet.  The local homeless shelter she was staying at was able to help her with clothing but the job she was seeking required that she have specialized clothing.  It was working at a large hotel chain which required the maintenance and housekeeping staff to wear hospital like scrubs for the job, something the shelter did not have on hand and no donations of such were forth coming to the facility.  Change for a Dollar was approached for assistance.  C4$ bought her a pair of black hospital scrubs for her job.

Uniform /scrubs – $37.41

Assisted homeless woman return to Connecticut – August 24, 2019

A local Summerville homeless woman was staying at a shelter upon arrival from Florida.  She was having difficulty staying employed and was looking into other options.  During her 2 month stay in Summerville she had been communicating with family in Connecticut and had been able to reconnect with her once estranged father.  In discussing options with the family it became possible for her to go back to Connecticut and stay with her father and stepmother until she found employment and was able to get a place of her own.  She did not have enough funds for the trip up north so Change for a Dollar was approached for assistance.  C4$ was able to get her a train ticket from Charleston and gave her a few dollars travel money to get to her father’s place.

Amtrak ticket and travel money – $67 + $50 = $117

Disabled woman moving assistance – August 23, 2019

A local Summerville woman who is disabled recently needed to move from her trailer because the property owner was removing the trailers and selling the property for development.  She receives a regular monthly disability payment but lacked the full amount needed for the deposit on moving into a new rental property.  Change for a Dollar was approached for assistance.  The full deposit was six hundred dollars and Change for a Dollar was able to assist with a portion of the deposit which helped her get relocated.  She has since moved in and is very appreciative for the help.

Rental Deposit Assistance - $150.00