Thursday, January 28, 2016

Vision therapy for little girl with birth defects – Jan 17, 2016

A Summerville family has a one year old girl who was born with severe birth defects.  The little girl has a very under developed brain that in part affects her vision.  She is an adorable little girl and the families insurance has been helpful but it does not cover the therapy.  The vision therapy is necessary at this age if she is to have any hope to be able to have the ability to see in the years to come. The treatments have gotten very expensive with the frequent visits.  This has put a very big strain on the family finances along with the other uncovered expenses.   The Dorchester Board of Disabilities shared her story with several organizations who have been raising funds to cover her frequent therapy sessions.  Ashley Ridge Church, Change for a Dollar helped as well by putting money on account for the little girl’s therapy.

Vision therapy funds - $200.00

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Homeless woman living in van – Jan 14, 2016

A Summerville woman got into some legal problems that resulted in her temporarily losing custody of her children to the grandmother.  She and her mother were guests at Expanding the Table Food Ministry last week and they shared their story.  The woman needs to attend some classes and is not permitted to live with her mother and the children during the period of change of custody.  The grandmother is helping her daughter as best she can but is of limited means.  The woman struggles to find employment and has a suspended license that makes it more difficult.  As a result the women has found herself homeless as she works out her issues and works toward getting custody of her children.  She is currently living in her van which had a tire that was going flat and the others were bald or improperly sized.  Changed for a Dollar offered to help with tires and was able to work out a deal with Gerald’s Tires to get her a full set of four good used tires so she could still have some means of transportation.

Gerald’s tires payment - $208.96

Elderly disabled woman, electric bill help – Jan 10, 2016

A Summerville man who is disabled was living with his mother who was also disabled.  It was strained relationship and issues came to head where the man had to move out of the house.  His disability prevented him from working and he soon found himself homeless.  He is currently residing in the local homeless shelter.  He continues to have contact with and is concerned for his mother.  She had fallen behind in the electric bill and she was in danger of being disconnected.  He approached Ashley Ridge Church Change for a Dollar for assistance in helping his Mom with her bill.  Change for a Dollar made a partial payment on the account preventing the shut off of electric.

SCE&G payment - $150.00