Thursday, March 27, 2014

Change for a Dollar – 3/27/14

A Summerville single Mom with two kids is a recent cancer survivor.  The illness had put a terrible strain on the family budget.  An ARC Owner became aware of her situation and ask Change for a Dollar to reach out to her.  The woman was very upbeat and happy to have successfully dealt with her illness but was anxious about mounting bills as she lost a lot time from work.  Change for a Dollar inquired as to her most pressing need at this time and she shared her electric bill was in arrears and she was in danger of her power being turned off.  Change for a Dollar paid her past due amount on her SCE&G account thus preventing the disconnect.

Amount $ 317.00

Change for a Dollar – 3/24/14

A Summerville Mom has relocated as a result of some marital issues.  Her and her children have moved into a new place of their own at this time.  There were expenses associated with the change of residence for her and the kids that put a strain on the budget.  While she is employed she needed some temporary assistance.  ARC Change for a Dollar provided a gift card to Walmart to help her get the new place set up for her and the kids.

Amount $ 150.00

Monday, March 17, 2014

Change for a Dollar – 3/10/14

There is a young special needs homeless man, who has been spotlighted in the Summerville Journal Scene and has been helped by local police and fire department personnel since he finished high school.  He has been assisted in various ways by other local churches and other organizations but remains in a difficult / fragile situation since he needs minor supervision and his family is incapable of caring for him, they are a family in need as well.  ARC reached out to representatives from the police department to see if he had any needs not currently being met.  They indicated he could use gift cards to a local fast food restaurant that he frequents which they would share them with him as he needed. Change for a Dollar purchased six, $10 gift cards to one of his favorite places and presented them to the police officer to give to the young man to use.

Amount $ 60.00

Change for a Dollar – 3/10/14

Guerin’s pharmacy in Summerville partners with the Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville (a free medical clinic for those with no insurance and limited means) in providing medications to patients from the clinic.  Ashley Ridge Church, Change for a Dollar, on occasion will help those patients in paying for their prescriptions if they do not have the means to do so.  There was an outstanding balance at Guerin’s pharmacy along with some pending prescriptions that Change for a Dollar covered this month for those patients.

Amount $ 125.00