Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summerville family financial bind - Sept 24, 2014

An ARC owner from Summerville became aware of a family with four children that has fallen on hard times.  The husband works as a landscaper and with the inclement weather has missed many days of work.  With four kids in school and one starting college the family finances that were barley covering expenses became further stretched with the loss of the work days.  Due to the shortfall of income they fell behind in their bills and the electric was in danger of being turned off.  Ashley Ridge Church, Change for a Dollar plus some assistance from other churches has prevented the electric from being turned off.  The family was confident that once the husband got back to a regular work schedule they will be OK.

Amount: SCE&G $150

Monday, September 15, 2014

Abusive family situation - 9/16/14

An ARC owner from Summerville has a neighbor who is a young mother and has been in an abusive relationship.  Last week the abuser was jailed for assaulting the mother and the mother needed to be hospitalized.   She does not have a job and relatives (who are temporarily caring for the children) don't really have the means to provide for the family.  Ashley Ridge Change for a Dollar helped the family out with a food gift card.

Amount: Bi Lo $100

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Single Mom with Autistic son needed help - 9/11/2014

An ARC owner works at the Trident Health system has a coworker who recently relocated to the Charleston area.  She is a single mom who has an Autistic son who moved to SC for a better way of life for her family.  She has been struggling with care for her son and has met with delays in getting him into the care system in SC.  As a result she has incurred large amounts of debt for the care for her son while she works.  Her son remains on waiting lists for assistance but in the meantime her finances have been stretched to the breaking point and is behind in some bills.  The ARC owner referred her to ARC Change for a Dollar and we helped her out with a Bi Lo food card and paid her SCE&G bill

Amount: SCE&G - $340.00, Bi Lo $80

Man just released from prison – needs prescriptions - 9/6/14

A local Summerville man who was just recently released from prison was dealing with several health issues.  He came to the Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville for medical attention.  The prison had released him with some medication, which has run out, and he remains unemployed but is staying with a friend.  As a result of his exam he needed several prescriptions that he could not afford.  ARC Change for a Dollar worked with Guerin’s Pharmacy in town to provide the prescriptions that Change for a Dollar paid for.

Amount: Guerins - $86

Woman battling cancer needed assistance - 9/3/14

A single mom who is battling a recurring cancer asked for assistance.  Her disability was expected to kick in at the end of the month but currently she was in financial need.  Her greatest need at the moment was the electric was in jeopardy of being shut off for outstanding balance. Ashley Ridge, Change for a Dollar helped her out by paying the outstanding balance on her SCE&G account.
Amount - SCE&G $200.00

Military family with unexpected expenses - 8/26/14

A young Air Force family with two small children were caught up in difficult situation.  The wife recently had to seek employment with a new employer and was required to attend a two week training program in North Carolina.  The job was an excellent opportunity for the family but as luck would have it the husband was temporarily assigned to a mandatory one month out of state training assignment for his job within the Air Force. The two training assignments overlapped and put the family in a difficult situation for child care while they were both away at training.  The only available option was to drive the two young boys to Texas to stay with grandparents.  The round trips to Texas and the lapse in pay between jobs stretched the family finances to the breaking point. They had to borrow money from the other out of state grandmother just to buy groceries.  Ashley Ridge church helped them out by providing food cards to help lighten the load.

Amount: Bi Lo $200

Auto accident results in job loss - 8/24/14

A young man from Summerville was involved in an auto accident where his car was totaled.  Unfortunately he had only basic insurance and no collision.  As a result of the accident he suffered a bad head injury that need significant medical attention as well.  Between doctor visits and loss of transportation he lost his job at a local retail store.  He was getting some help from local friends which has been significant.  Change for a dollar helped with a food card to Bi Lo and also helped lightened the financial stress by paying his electric bill.


Amount: Bi Lo $100, SCE&G $250.00