Saturday, July 11, 2015

Homeless family in leaking tent at campgrounds – July 10, 2015

An Ashley Ridge Church owner follows the posts on a Summerville Pay it Forward Facebook page.  She became aware of a homeless family of four who are staying at a local campground but their tent was leaking and they were looking for a new tent  The ARC owner contacted Change for a Dollar to see if we could assist.  Others were already trying to get a tent for this family amongst some other items like propane, etc.  Change for a Dollar referred them to a homeless shelter that takes families, men, women and children to see if they can get more suitable shelter.  ARC put them up in a hotel for two nights as they communicate with the shelter and hopefully make arrangements to get into some temporary housing.

Hotel stay $125.34

Monday, July 6, 2015

Homeless man’s camp flooded out – July 3, 2015

A homeless man was having dinner at the Expanding the Table and we inquired how he was doing.  He normally lives in the woods in Summerville and had a campsite that he calls home.  They inquired if he needed anything for his campsite when he indicated he was no longer at that site.  The heavy rains recently had washed out his camp site and he had moved on from it.  When asked where he has been sleeping he said someone had given him some sheets and he was sleeping on the streets as the weather was warm enough.  When we asked about what he was eating at other times he indicated he occasional gets some help from folks when he runs out of his food stamps.  Change for a Dollar offered him a gift card to Subway which he graciously accepted.

Subway Gift card - $40

Summerville man at boarding house – July 2, 2015

A guest at the Expanding the Table approached us for help.  He was a former Summerville resident who just returned to town and was staying with a relative until he got a job.  He had been working for a few weeks as a laborer and had moved to a boarding house in the Brownsville Community as a result of being employed.  He lost his job recently and was looking for new employment but was short rent money for the room at the boarding house.  Expanding the Table folks had referred him to a local temp agency for work and offered to assist with the rent.  Change for a Dollar paid for one weeks stay at the boarding house.

Boarding House rent- $100