Sunday, July 31, 2016

Kids need school uniforms / family needs AC – July 28, 2016

A family from Lincolnville attends Expanding the Table dinners. Two of the young children actively participate in the evening’s activities.  As the volunteers got to know the kids it became evident that the family didn’t have the money to purchase school uniforms for the young boy and girl.  They live within the N Charleston School district and must wear a school uniform consisting of tan khakis and blue shirts.  One of the volunteers offered to take the two shopping and Change for a Dollar provided the funds for the boy and girl to get uniforms for school.  Additionally, the volunteer found out that the family did not have any air conditioning in their home in this current oppressive heat wave.  Change for a Dollar also purchased a room air conditioner to provide some minimum amount of cooling for their home.

School uniforms plus Air-conditioned - $150.00 + $193.32

Large homeless man needs clothing – July 26, 2016

A very large homeless man is living in a local homeless shelter. Unfortunately there is very little clothing in his size. The shelter receives regular donations of clothing from the public and the residents do get vouchers from Trident United Way to shop at Goodwill but nothing in his size is available.  He wears a 6XL in shirts and has a couple of shirts and a sweatshirt but was in need of more shirts.  Due to his size and his disabilities he has been unable to get a job.  He had unemployment for a couple of months but that has stopped.  He lacks the funds to purchase clothing in his size, even if he found his size locally.  Change for a Dollar purchased four shirts for him online and they were delivered to the shelter.  He was very appreciative.

Online clothing purchase - $96.44

Monday, July 4, 2016

A family of four relocating to Summerville – July 3, 2016

A family of four had to relocate to Summerville from Spartanburg.  They attended an Expanding the Table dinner one evening and in talking with one of the volunteers it became evident they were struggling.  The husband had been looking for work but was not yet successful.  They were referred to many resources by the ETT volunteers to check into for work and assistance along with all the food panty’s and soup kitchen hours.  They were staying in an extended stay motel in North Charleston as they looked for work and a place to stay in Summerville.  They were at the point of seeking a shelter as they were soon to become homeless.  They were due to run out of money shortly for their accommodations and asked if they could get some assistance.  Change for a Dollar assisted in extending their stay for several days at the motel.

Motel charges - $315.00

Family loses all in house fire – July 1, 2016

A young family who is a close friend of an ARC owner recently suffered a house fire in which they lost everything.  They currently have no food, clothing or any of their belongings.  They will have to wait through the July 4th holiday weekend before they can get any assistance and or insurance claims processed.  Change for a Dollar assisted the family with a food gift card to ease the burdens at this time.

Bi Lo Gift card - $100.00

Battered woman in need of assistance – June 24, 2016

A young woman recently was in an auto accident and suffered some injuries.  She shared an apartment with a boyfriend who is a coworker as well.  As a result of her injuries she had been unable to work.  To make matters worse she was recently assaulted by her boyfriend which aggravated her injuries.  He has since moved out of the apartment and she has filed a police complaint.  Even if she gets well enough to return to work she cannot return to her previous employer as her ex-boyfriend still works there as well.  She was struggling with making rent and other payments in these difficult times.  Change for a Dollar assisted her by paying her current electric bill. 

SCE&G payment - $84.06