Saturday, July 12, 2014

Woman needs to see Oncologist - 7/10/14

Cathy, a single woman who is a cancer survivor and is currently applying for disability.  During a routine doctor visit a specific complaint of pain was being treated by the doctor at the local free medical clinic.  In a chance follow up call from the MUSC program that treated her for cancer two years ago she shared her recent complaint.  They arranged for some tests and as a result she needs to have another visit with an Oncologist to review the test results.  There is a fear that the cancer has returned.  She currently has no income and up until now has had help from family members.  A friend has offered to drive her to MUSC but needs gas for the trips.  Change for a Dollar provided her with a gas gift card to cover the cost of being driven to her appointments.
Amount $50.00

Working single Mom fell behind in bills - 7/11/14

Jane, a working single mom with a young child recently got out of an abusive relationship.  Her ex-husband has not been providing any support for his child.  Jane has been working for temp agency and is currently with a local bank and is hopeful that soon she will be taken on as a full time bank employee.  Last month she had an auto accident and missed several days of work,  She also had an unexpectedly high electric bill.  Her rent and all the other bills are current but she does not have enough income this month to make all her payments.  She has applied for and been approved for food stamps but the EBT card is not due until mid-month.  Change for a Dollar inquired about this month's electric bill (~$100).  Change for a Dollar paid this month's electric bill and provided her with a $50 gift card to Bi Lo for groceries to tide her over until she gets the EBT card.

Amount $150.00

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cancer survivor needs PET Scan – 6/22/14

Cindy a single mom with two teenage children is a cancer survivor.  Cindy had to undergo treatment two years ago for cervical cancer and was cared for through a program offered at MUSC.   The surgery and treatment was covered by Medicaid at that time and was successful.  Earlier this year she had begun complaining of pain in her right hip and lower back and was being treated for that by a family medicine physician.  The MUSC program doctor recently made a follow up contact with Cindy to check on her health.  She shared with him the issue of the hip and back pain and he asked her to come in for a visit.  Based upon the consult with the MUSC doctor he wanted her to get a PET Scan at MUSC.  Unfortunately, she is no longer covered under Medicaid and needs to pay cash for the PET scan.  MUSC required a $100 deposit for the procedure and Cindy would be billed for the remainder at a later date.  Change for a Dollar coordinated with MUSC to pay the deposit so she could get the scan enabling her doctor to better diagnose her problem.

Amount $100.00

Two Free Clinic patients need medications – 6/13/14

Two patients from the Medical Outreach Clinic in Summerville, a free clinic that serves the uninsured who have limited resources, were in need of prescription medications following their doctor visit.  Raymond and Angela were not able to afford the medications prescribed.  Guerin’s pharmacy in Summerville partners with the Medical Outreach Clinic of Summerville in providing medications to patients from the clinic.  Ashley Ridge Church, Change for a Dollar, on occasion will help those patients in paying for their prescriptions through the clinic and pharmacy relationship if they do not have the means to do so.  Change for a Dollar covered this month’s prescriptions, plus a refill for both Raymond and Angela.

Amount $100.00