Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sick woman living in trailer in need of assistance – April 18, 2016

A single woman who is struggling with a severe medical condition was at the free medical clinic in Summerville recently.  A referral came from the clinic to Change for a Dollar because she was unable to work and was struggling financially.  Since she was unable to work as she was dealing with her condition a friend was letting her live in a vacant trailer for free but she was responsible for the utilities.  She had some savings and was getting by but hadn’t paid her water bill in many months as it was low on the list of her priorities.  She was put on notice that she was scheduled for disconnect and asked for help.  Change for a Dollar paid her past due account preventing the shut off.

Berkeley County Water - $210.00

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New sneakers for elementary school boy – April 16, 2016

A young boy who regularly attends Expanding the Table for dinner always wears second hand clothes and shoes.  He currently was wearing a used pair of soccer cleats, his only footwear.  One of the volunteers from Expanding the Table asked the parent if it would be ok to take him for a new pair of shoes.  They arranged a shopping date at the mall and the little boy was allowed to go through the store and pick out a new pair of sneakers he liked.  He and the volunteer ended the shopping trip with a stop at the local ice cream shop for a treat before heading home.  They had a great day!

New sneakers and ice cream - $50.00

Single Mom with special needs child needed assistance – April 15, 2016

A young woman who was unemployed was brought to Expanding the Table for dinner by a concerned friend of one of the volunteers.  He introduced her and her special needs child to the group.  She had dinner with the folks who got to know her story and situation.  By the grace of God there were several people there that could assist her.  She was offered a job and offered other assistance.  She has a pay as you go phone but since she was unemployed it was turned off.  Change for a Dollar helped her by paying two months on her phone to hold her over until she got her first paycheck.

Pre-Paid phone charges - $90.00

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Homeless man trying to get “home” – March 31, 2016

A very troubled Summerville man was seeking to return to Louisiana where he had some family.  He was not interested in staying in a shelter and struggled with basic social skills.  He spent an evening in the homeless shelter and did not mix well with the other residents and was focused only on returning to the only place he felt was home, some extended family in Louisiana.  Change for a Dollar assisted him by paying for a bus ticket.

New Bible - $139.00

Monday, April 4, 2016

Man in need of a new Bible – March 26, 2016

A new guest to the Expanding the Table food mission one evening was talking with one of the volunteers.  He shared that he struggled to get by but has strong faith that God will provide for him.  He reads his bible every day and showed his bible to the volunteer.  The bible had seen much use, it had loose and tattered pages and was falling apart.  He said he hoped to one day be able to get a new one.  The volunteer approached Change for a Dollar and asked if they could pay for a replacement bible for this gentleman.  Change for a Dollar gladly paid the cost of a replacement bible in the translation he preferred. 

New Bible - $45.00

Disabled woman’s electric disconnected – March 24, 2016

A disabled woman from Knightsville recently had her electric service disconnected.  She had missed the notices that she was past due because of medical reasons plus being out of her apartment she missed the phone messages too.  She asked if Change for a Dollar could assisted with getting the electric reconnected but that sometimes is very costly.  She was able to make enough of a payment after explaining the situation to SCE&G and was spared reconnection fees, etc.  She still had a small balance due after her electric was reconnected and Change for a Dollar assisted in bringing her account up to date with an additional payment.

SCE&G payment - $93.84

Working Mom in need of assistance – March 24, 2016

A woman who lives in a Habit for Humanity house in Summerville is steadily employed.  She recently lost time from work and was falling behind in her mortgage and electric bills.  She reached out to several organizations and was referred to Change for a Dollar from the pastor of Dorchester Presbyterian Church which partially helped her with her mortgage.  Upon speaking with her it was determined that she had been back to work but needed some additional help getting back up to date on her budget.  Change for a Dollar assisted her in making a payment towards her electric bill thus lightening her current financial burden.

SCE&G payment - $250.00