Saturday, October 19, 2019

Man struggles to recover from “perfect storm” – October 1, 2019

A local Summerville man who was down on his luck is a friend of a fellow who attends a small group at Ashley Ridge Church.  It was revealed that he was struggling all around as several of life’s challenges struck him all at once.  Part of that was he had lost his job in the midst of it all and was very despondent.  The gentleman from the small group works in construction and was aware through his contacts of a hotel renovation job that was out of state.  He was able to get this fellow a job, which was ideal as he was able to stay at the hotel rent free for the duration of the job.  The small group took up a donation to help with his transportation to the job but he needed some basic tools.  Change for a Dollar was approached and assisted with paying for the purchase of some hand tools to get him started.

Home Depot hand tools - $120.18

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