Monday, October 28, 2019

Two homeless girls given bicycles – October 26, 2019

A Summerville woman who has had a passion for helping the poor and homeless in the community is a bus driver for the local schools.  Her route at times takes her to some of the poorer communities in Summerville.  This year on her route was a homeless family, a single Mom with several kids, was temporarily staying at a friend’s house for a couple of months.  The woman got to know the two new girls and found out that they were homeless and they never had a bicycle of their own.   Many of the other kids in this neighborhood had bicycles but these girls always were left out of group bike rides with neighborhood kids. The bus diver known for helping out those in need did not have the means to assist at this time.  She approached Change for a Dollar for possible assistance and two bicycles were purchased from Walmart and given to the bus driver to give to the girls.

Two girl’s bikes - $196.00

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