Saturday, October 19, 2019

Young family sharing a vehicle needed tires – October 14, 2019

A young family in Summerville was working hard to support their family of five.  They only had one vehicle between them and both mom and dad worked full time.  The couple both work for small businesses and don’t have large salaries but are doing their best to raise their kids and pay the bills.  They have a very busy schedule with day care and jobs at different locations and are juggling the sharing of the car and dropping each other off at work.  They had gotten a blow out and were driving on the “donut” spare when Change for Dollar noticed it and offered to assist.  Upon inspection of the other tires it was apparent that the vehicle was in need of two tires as one of the other tires had very little tread left.  Change for a Dollar wanted the family to have good tires for transporting all the kids around so two tires were purchased for the vehicle.

Two tires $118.48

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